You Won’t Believe This, But This 12-Year Old Indian Prodigy Is the Author of 135 Books!

12-year-old Indian prodigy author of 135 books

Mrigendra Raj, a 12 year old boy from the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh has written 135 books pertaining to various subjects.

The child prodigy started writing books at the age of six, under the pen name ‘Aaj Ka Abhimanyu’ and has already bagged four world records to his credit.

His mother teaches at a private school while his father works at the state sugar mill. His mother says that she has always encouraged her son to write and is very proud of him.

“I have written books after analyzing 51 characters of the Ramayana. Each of my books runs into 25 to 100 pages. I even received an offer from the World University of Records in London for doctorate,” he says.

Regarding his future, Mrigendra Raj says that he aspires to be a writer and wishes to write on various subjects and genres.