Ufone’s This Year’s Latest SMS Packages

Ufone's This Year's Latest SMS Packages

SMS is mostly our go-to mode of communication and we are always grateful for being able to send an SMS in situations where we are out of credit or don’t have data to connect with people over other apps. Therefore, it is better to always have an SMS subscription at your mobile phone to get instant reachability. Ufone’s This Year’s Latest SMS Packages.

Ufone is one of the major telecom operator in Pakistan with a diverse set of prepaid mobile services and packages. In this blog, we would will explore some good sms packages that are currently available to the ’’U’’ user.

Ufone offers a wide range of SMS bundle for its users that vary in the number of free SMS they offer and their validity period. Here is a list of Ufone’s this year’s latest SMS packages, that you can choose from, as per your need:

  • Daily Package

Ufone offers this great package to users who find subscribing to a daily bundle convenient. You can get up to 1600 free SMS with Ufone’s Daily Package in just Rs. 4.77. The offer remains valid for 24 hours from the time of subscription after which it will automatically re-subscribe.
To subscribe, type Sub and send the SMS to 605.

  • Fortnightly Package

If you want to save yourself the trouble of spending your balance on daily packages and prefer to subscribe to a bundle with a fortnight validity, this package is the best for you. Send 10,500 free SMS in just Rs. 35.85.
To subscribe, type Sub and send the SMS to 603.

  • Unlimited Package

A large number of subscribers for any network prefer monthly bundles that are economical and can provide them with enough SMS for an entire month. Ufone offers Unlimited Package for such users giving them 21,000 SMS in just Rs. 95.6.
To subscribe, type Sub and send the SMS to 607.

  • 45 Day SMS Bucket

If you are looking for a bundle with more than a month-long validity, Ufone’s 45 Day SMS Bucket gives 31,000 SMS in Rs. 118.31. The validity for the bundle is 45 days.
To subscribe, type Sub and send the SMS to 614.

  • Yearly SMS Package

An amazing offer for Ufone users who require to use SMS service abundantly and wish to use it year round with one subscription. With Yearly SMS Package, send unlimited SMS from your network in Rs. 795.87 for the whole year.
To subscribe, type Sub and send the SMS to 601.

  • Weekly SMS Bucket

Weekly SMS Bucket is a very economical offer that is valid for Uth Package Customers only. Get 1250 free SMS for a whole week in just Rs. 11.95.
To subscribe, type Sub and send the SMS to 608.

  • Ufone Super Card Family

Apart from these specific sms packages, users can also avail different, all network sms bundles that comes under the Ufone Super Card Family package. These cards gives you a monthly portion of all basic ufone services that includes different ranges of sms. Monthly valid super cards provides 4000 and 4200 SMS respectively. There is another 15 day package that includes 3500 sms.

These SMS buckets do not include International SMS or Premium SMS. In order to check the remaining SMS and expiry date, send a blank SMS and send it to 606. To unsubscribe a bundle at any time, write ‘Unsub’ and send it to 506. However, to unsubscribe weekly SMS Package, you’ll send the SMS ‘Unsub’ to 8066 instead.

Ufone service is known to be more customer focused and the tariffs are economical, which is deemed as a preferred choice of general public.