Travel Blogger Alex takes a U-turn on Her Statements about Pakistan

Travel Blogger Alex takes a U-turn on Her Statements about Pakistan

Alex, the travel blogger behind ‘Lost With Purpose’, took a U-turn regarding Pakistan’s image after she was not allowed to present at the Pakistan Tourism Summit. She was told there was not enough time for her to present her point of view at the summit.

After all, either way, it was organised to show the world as to why you should travel to beautiful Pakistan that influencers absolutely adore. So, if she was not able to present her critical analysis, we guess it’s suitable.

However, Alex took to social media and was seen contradicting a few of her own statements. On one side she loves it, on the other side she feels like there are too many hurdles in the country and it is a ‘pain in the ass’.

Well, ‘pain in the ass’ is too serious of a statement to use for a country that you have traveled to at least five times, as she claimed.

Nevertheless, we would agree that her arguments made complete sense too, yes we do believe that officials can give travelers a tough time, yes we do believe some people can harass travelers. Her points cannot be dismissed for sure.

If tourism is going to flourish in Pakistan, then our country, our government needs to take feedback and fix these issues ASAP.

Pakistanis have thanked the blogger for giving ‘positive’ criticism, which shows that we are ready to accept it and make the changes to help Pakistan grow it’s tourism industry.

Pakistan is the land of natural beauty and breath-taking landscapes. The country is enriched with cultural diversity and has plenty of things to offer for any tourist.

Many foreigners, including Eva Zu Beck, have been visiting Pakistan during the past few times and promoting the positive and beautiful side of the country through their heartfelt experiences.

Good news for the Pakistanis is that another famous vlogger, Drew Binsky visited Pakistan and shared a very positive experience with the world using social media sites, saying “Pakistan is the most hospitable country”.

The 27-years-old Drew Binsky is a travel blogger. He has visited more than 155 countries around the globe, has more than a million subscribers online and makes regular travelling vlogs.