Top 9 Furniture Brands in Pakistan

Top 9 Furniture Brands in Pakistan

There is a reason furniture has become an important part of interiors, and it is simply the fact that we like to decorate things according to our wishes. For centuries, furniture was a mere necessity, something people would buy just so they can be comfortable, but now furniture is a lot more than just comfort. In this dynamic world where trends are on the constant verge of changing, furniture has become a source of revolution and evolution. Today, furniture reflects more than just comfort, it reflects moods and emotions.

There are many furniture brands operating in Pakistan, both online and offline, but it becomes quite a hassle to figure out which furniture brand to trust. There arise many problems when looking for furniture brands including quality of the products, location of the furniture brand and more. Here is a list of the top nine furniture brands in Pakistan:

  1. First Floor Office World

First Floor Office World

First Floor Office World might just be the best office furniture brand in Pakistan. Dedicating its attention to only office furniture, First Floor Office World creates unique, stylish and unconventional office furniture. First Floor Office World has further brands which are Rock-Worth, Infinity workspace and Classic Chair.  First Floor Office World provides an extensive range of office furniture to choose from and makes sure that you are as comfortable in your office as you are at home.

First Floor Office World produces Manager Sets, workstations, work tables, activity-based working sets, executive office sets, chairs, multitasking tables and chairs and more. The workstations include triangular workstations in which two to three people are easily accommodated, linear, and L-shaped and hybrid which can easily accommodate 5-6 people and more if required. First Floor Office World is known for its workstations because it creates furniture with enough space for everyone, and no user feels cramped or stuck.

First Floor Office World is especially known for its breakout and huddle dining spaces and waiting area seats, and has even come up with activity-based working projects; including meeting rooms and concentration zone furniture. Moreover, First Floor Office World even provides height-adjustable tables and chairs, so you can be assured that it places your comfort first.

  1. Studio Seven

Studio Seven is a modern and contemporary furniture brand which has impressive grandeur and style within its furniture. Studio Seven is more than just a furniture brand, it is a big company which works to minimize discomfort and maximize art, creativity and modernity in daily life. Studio Seven handles all architectural, designing and furniture affairs and even holds art gallery.

The furniture at studio seven is brilliant, remarkable and modern. The furniture seems cutting edge as compared to other furniture brands, and Studio Seven creates the best wooden furniture. Cozy and warm sofa sets, space fitting couches, modern and ultra-unique beds are just some perks of Studio Seven.

Studio Seven is perfect to try if you want to give your home a polished and a grand look, and its furniture will definitely match your mood.

  1. Kenwood Furniture

Kenwood is a well-known appliance company, and now it even provides furniture. Although Kenwood has only recently started, the company is widely trusted and its furniture brand has also been gathering love and admiration from the first few clients. Kenwood furniture produces stylish, contemporary and cozy furniture so that you can enjoy your home.

Kenwood Furniture not only produces home furniture, but also produces office furniture including office chairs, desks and more. The furniture at this furniture brand is molded carefully to match the physique of the average person, so that your body remains stress-free. The office chairs produced here are specially created to give an upright posture to the user, and the furniture brand specializes in corporate furniture.

This brand has even been declared the best for corporate furniture by its customers and is the leading corporate furniture brand in Faisalabad.

  1. Urban Décor

Not very different from Kenwood furniture, the Urban Décor outlet in Lahore provides customers with the best office and corporate furniture. Urban décor carries a wide and complete range of unique, space-saving and comfortable office furniture. The furniture brand designs one of the best office chairs and desks.

The office chairs at Urban Décor are specially designed to accommodate people in comfort and are flexible to customization. Urban décor furniture brand also gives furniture consultation, which means that you can come up to them for inspiration and solutions for your office space problems.

  1. Montage Design-Build

Montage Design Build Interiors is an Interior brand in Islamabad, which aims to provide people with the best interior and exterior designing. Its many standing projects include several houses in Islamabad, all of which have been built with the advice of the outstanding team of Montage Design-Build Interiors.

Although Montage Design Build hardly classifies as a furniture brand, its interior designing does help you out when picking furniture. This brand is the one you go for when you have to start from the very first brick.

  1. PortaCabin

One of the leading furniture companies of Pakistan, PortaCabin is a furniture brand which specializes in creating office cabins and portable cabins. This furniture brand is unique, because it does not provide home furniture, but it can provide you the furniture that will perfectly match your style. Working to create space-saving cabins, PortaCabin creates portable cabins, portable washrooms, portable camps for laborers, mobile restaurants and more.

PortaCabin is the proud producer and creator of many toll booths, mobile restaurants, portable buildings, bunkhouses, security cabins, portable cabins, office containers and storage containers in Pakistan.

This furniture brand is trained to create the best furniture and look for anything that is portable. Whether you need to create portable office cabins or are looking to start a mobile restaurant, PortaCabin is the best choice.

  1. Mini Cucine

Italian furniture and styling has always been a subject of interest among many, and Italian kitchen is what most people dream of in their house. Mini Cucine is a furniture brand which is dedicated solely to giving its attention to kitchens. Specializing in creating Italian inspired kitchens, Mini Cucine gives your kitchen the fanciest and the most comfortable look.

Mini Cucine provides many finishings including Italian finishing, Polyester coated finishing, tempered glass finishing, super gloss finish and even acrylic finish. Mini Cucine provides ready-made and custom made kitchen slabs and cabinets, so you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen. This furniture brand even complies with the wishes of clients and customers, so you can create your own look.

If your kitchen needs a renovation, then Mini Cucine is the perfect tool!

  1. The Incredibles

The name is just what the company is: Incredible. The Incredibles takes on bigger challenges than home décor, and tackles the décor of large institutions’ auditoriums, meeting rooms, waiting area, business compartments and more.

The Incredibles is the company that most business firms, industries and warehouses look for when buying furniture. The Incredibles furniture brand provides furniture services to offices, schools, auditoriums, cinemas, café and restaurants.

  1. WoodMart

Wood Mart is a small furniture brand from where you can buy furniture made from the best wood. This small but extraordinary furniture brand is the place where you can consult the best furniture for your house, and you can enjoy wide ranges of beautiful furniture. Through this brand, you can pick out the best wood for custom made furniture. So even if you do not want to buy furniture but have it custom made, WoodMart will help you figure out the best material.

Wood Mart specializes in furniture made from Maple wood, so you know your furniture is more than good. Maple wood is durable and inexpensive, which is what makes WoodMart furniture extremely attractive. WoodMart makes furniture from Maple wood including Maple cabinets, cabinetry and other kitchen furniture. WoodMart is definitely the place to go when you want to pick out the best wood for your furniture.

Choosing furniture is harder done than said, but these furniture brands will make your furniture-hunting experience worthwhile. While furniture is all about having a place to sit down and sleep, this is no longer the case. Most of these furniture brands will cater to your needs and give you fancy and comfortable furniture you deserve.