Top 7 Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore Which Will Tick Your Boxes!


Lahore is famous for having a huge variety of restaurants and cuisines. While people enjoy continental cuisines, a large portion of the population has a strong inclination towards fast food. Various restaurants have set up their ventures in Lahore and are playing an important role in providing juicy, delicious and mouth-watering treats to the residents of Lahore. With the rapid growth of the fast food culture, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between the top restaurants and their dishes.

The top 7 restaurants in Lahore include:

  1. KFC

KFC has been in the fast food business for many decades is among the largest fast food restaurants chain. The venture began with Colonel Harland Sanders, the owner of KFC, selling his fried chicken on the roadside. The potential of fried chicken was not explored until 1952 when the first branch of KFC was established in Utah. Emerging as the most successful fried chicken brand in the age of hamburgers, KFC was greatly liked by the people and soon became an instant success. It is well known for its exceptional burgers and fried chicken. The crispy, tantalizing fried chicken causes an immediate effect on the customer and they are compelled to like it.

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the largest fast food restraint chain present in the world. With the goal of being a hamburger restaurant, the owners later turned the idea into a franchise which soon became world famous. They have been supplying burgers, fries and shakes along with different ice-creams to their customers for many years. The variation in flavor and introduction of new burgers and ice-cream flavors allows the customers to try new food and they do not get bored with the old, blunt taste. With the rapid growth of the venture, McDonalds has also started offering salads, breakfast deals and smoothies. Even in Lahore, McDonalds has a large number of outlets.

  1. OPTP

One potato two potatoes, commonly known as OPTP, is known for its exceptional fries. No other restaurant is able to beat their quality of fries. They tend to try different flavors and combinations with their signature fries in order to provide the customers with new flavors. They also have burgers and chicken wings on their menu, however they have gained significant popularity on the basis of their fries. Due to the positive response of the customers, a great number of outlets of OPTP have been set up in Lahore.

  1. Galito’s

Galitos is a South African restaurant which was established in 1996 with the motive of providing the people with the tastiest chicken. The unique fiery taste and the excellent combination of the chicken with the peri peri sauce made the restaurant an instant success. The branch in Pakistan is located in Gulberg III and has different chicken dishes, variety of burgers, steaks and pizzas.

  1. Ministry of Burgers

Like the name suggests, Ministry of Burgers is the place where burger experimenting takes place. The top-of-the-line buns and the juiciest meat make a deadly combination. The restaurant bakes its own buns and combines the fluffy buns with the tender chicken and a spicy sauce to satisfy the customers.

  1. Twistix

Mike Warren, with the idea of making pizza a portable, easy to carry snack introduced Twistix. The restaurant brought the concept along with the amazing taste of portable pizza to Lahore. The place offers cheese balls, grilled burgers and donors along with great culinary experience.

  1. Subway

Subway was established over 50 years ago with the vision of providing affordable, healthy and economic subs. The business venture was launched by a college student in order to pay for his college tuition and it turned into a huge success. Multiple branches of subway are located in different areas of Lahore. The sandwiches are greatly like by the customers because of their healthy attribute. The sandwiches are highly economical and satisfying.

There are many more fast foods restaurants which have established their bases in Lahore and are famous for their exotic tastes and offerings. While the fried chicken, burgers, pizzas and fries are common among most of the fast food restaurants, each venture has a unique dish which contributes to its success and fame. The tastes ranging from the Turkish spices and Texas Smokey flavor have been introduced to the Lahori people, and it is becoming extremely difficult to choose among the range of restaurants. The fast food culture is growing at an increasing rate and many restaurants have earned a spot in the country and among its residents.