Top 6 Health Issues in Punjab, Pakistan


According to stats, Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan where the estimated population counts as of 2017 was 110,012,442, hence making it a majority. Despite being the largest, overall health indicators of Punjab are relatively better than the national average. But the province continues to struggle with new diseases which are not only hard to treat because of financial issues but also take away thousands of lives every year.

Let’s have a look at the major health issues that the population of Punjab is still struggling to save their lives from:

  1. Malaria

For people living in slums, malaria has been their real enemy. Malaria continues to breed on unclean water and unsanitary conditions as still no strict precautions have been taken. It remains as the most dangerous health issue in Pakistan because when left untreated, Malaria can also lead to death.

  1. Diabetes

Although diabetes has emerged as the most popular disease worldwide, the situation is no different in Pakistan as well as 3.8 million people are suffering from Diabetes right now in the region on Punjab. The reason majorly is lack of nutritious food, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. It is not only a silent killer but also can make your living extremely difficult if not taken care of.

  1. Hepatitis

Continuous consumption of unhealthy food and drinking unclean water is leading people to suffer from deadly diseases like Hepatitis A and E. Both the rural and urban area of Punjab, Pakistan suffers the most as the hygiene conditions are far away from satisfactory in the whole country. Moreover, along with blood transfusions the common sharing of razors, toothbrushes and other household articles can also cause Hepatitis B and C.

  1. Maternal and Child Health

The birth of a child remains exposed to numerous risks during the period of pregnancy. Lack of proper diet is one of major reasons, awareness and treatment in rural areas for women result in poor health of their new born babies. In most of the cases, either the mother or the child dies. If some are fortunate enough to live, they then have to suffer from birth diseases.

  1. Heart Stroke

Almost 350,000 cases of heart stroke are reported each year in Pakistan making it as one of the most fatal diseases in the country. While this stands very common in people of old age, our youth continues to suffer because of the ever increasing stress and unhygienic lifestyle. It is the need of the hour to understand the risks associated to this disease in order to prevent people from dying.

  1. Cancer

One of the major causes of the ever increasing cancer cases is the lack of awareness. More than half of Pakistan’s population live in rural areas which make the chances of being aware of this disease very less at large. Although a lot of campaigns in the past have been initiated in order to increase awareness and make people take the preventive measures but the population is still exposed to many forms of cancer like breast, lung, liver, prostate, liver etc.

Considering all these factors and the disease profile, it is very important that government in Punjab specifically should take actions in order to protect people’s lives. This can only be achieved if the development of health sector improves at large along with better facility. Moreover, we are still in desperate times to create awareness for these diseases and provide a healthy lifestyle to our rural community.