Top 5 All-Time Best Fragrances for Females

Top 5 All-Time Best Fragrances for Females

Women need to smell good and sensuous everywhere they go. Whether it is their workplace, business meetings, family parties, dates or anniversaries the right perfume will make her stand with high esteem and help her appear as a prominent personality in the crowd.

When you are choosing a perfume for different events and purposes make sure it perfectly suits your personality and can speak a volume about you.

Here is a list of best-branded perfumes for the best and leading ladies of our country.

  1. Gucci Guilty for Women:

Top 5 All-Time Best Fragrances for Females - Gucci Guilty for WomenFragrance makes us dream and Gucci ever since its inception in the market has always smoldered in its own scents. Their collections can be called legends!

Gucci Guilty for Women is celebrating the bold yet beautiful side of feminine personality and has brought an unforgettable collection for them.

This seductive note of fragrances includes a blend of pink pepper, lilac, mandarin, peach, amber, geranium, and patchouli.

Though this breathtaking collection was introduced in 2010 it is still in fashion and smells trendy.

  1. Chanel No.5

Top 5 All-Time Best Fragrances for Females - Chanel No.5Perfumes make women unforgettable and though many would forget what you wore your perfumes would still be lingering in their memories!

Chanel perfumes have been the most classy and elegant fragrances for women in the market since it was launched in 1921 by ERNEST BEAUX  and continues to be one of the best selling brands in the world!

The Coco Chanel was created with long lasting notes of vanilla, jasmine, may rose, aldehydes, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and amber.

This particular brand was undoubtedly worn by many superstars and celebrities around the globe making it the most renowned scent of all times symbolizing the tenderness of woman in all eras.

  1. Calvin Klien Euphoria for Women:

Top 5 All-Time Best Fragrances for Females - Calvin Klien Euphoria for WomenWomen need to emerge beautifully in the early hours of the morning empowering themselves as alpha personalities taking charge at their workplace, business meetings or in social gatherings!

CK has introduced many fragrance notes in the market but its Euphoria for Women is possibly the most iconic and economical one!

This magical fragrance includes notes of persimmon, black orchid, green orchid, pomegranate, liquid amber, lotus blossom, Champacca flower, black violet, cream accord, and mahogany wood.

The best part of CK is that they are good at drawing a subtle distinction between the seduction of flowers and exotic flavors of fruits! It is an exclusive product available for women in a charming bottle.

  1. Shalimar by Guerlain:

Top 5 All-Time Best Fragrances for Females - Shalimar by GuerlainGreat love stories necessarily don’t kick off with a seductive fragrance but it does linger in your memoirs even though the story was short lived!

In 1925, Shalimar was created by Jacques Guerlain as an honor and tribute to the renowned love story between the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan and his beautiful wife Mumtaz. Thus this fragrance was named after the garden Shalimar which was really close to her heart.

This note was also an indication of the fact that almost every man will remember the aroma of his beloved lady and the cherishing moments they had spent together.

The victorious notes of Shalimar include vanilla, iris, amber and bergamot which are worth trying!

  1. Poison by Christian Dior:

Top 5 All-Time Best Fragrances for Females - Poison by Christian DiorPerfume is the best way a woman can reflect her unique self and choice making her presence a memorable even after she has left the place!

Poison by Dior cannot be ignored when you are making a list of the best aromas found around the world.

Poison was first introduced in the market in 1985 by the Christian-Dior designer house. The Poison holds its reputation as one of the spiciest, bold and luxurious fragrances among its customers even after being century’s old brand.

This warm combination includes tuberose and coriander- a perfect note for persuasion!