Top 3 Waterfalls of Azad Kashmir

Top 3 Waterfalls of Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir, the independent land between Pakistan and India, is part of Kashmir valley. It shares borders with Gilgit-Baltistan in the North, Punjab Province of Pakistan in South and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the West. Kashmir is a land of beauty and correctly known as the Heaven on Earth. The huge landscape is enchanting and so charismatic that it leaves the visitors amazed and spellbound. The eye-catching, lush green meadows are entwined with the snow-capped sky-high mountain peaks. The entwined springs, mighty river Jhelum and meandering river Neelam complement the wonders of the valley. The thick forests are home to a large number of species of wild animals. The mystic beauty of the waterfalls adds to the wonders of the valley and often attract a huge number of visitors.

  1. Jamgar Falls

Jamgar Waterfalls

The waterfall is located in the Neelam valley and it adds to beauty of the valley. The surrounding mountains and lush green lands of the valley complement the beauty of the waterfall. The Jamgar falls is a waterfall which is often crossed in the way to Azad Kashmir and many travelers often stop by to enjoy the refreshing view. The cold water of the waterfall falls from a steep height and with great pressure hits the soaring hills of the valley. The waterfall is among the highly visited fall in Azad Kashmir because of its beauty. During the spring season, different plantations and flowers blossom around the waterfall and the place looks outstanding. It is a treat to the visitors’ eyes and health as the cool air blowing around the area allows the mind and body to relax. Jamgar Falls is spread over a land of more than 200 kilometers and its effects can be felt in many distinct parts of the Neelam valley as well. Many tourists visit the valley in hope of relieving their stress and the natural beauty of the waterfall proves to be highly successful.

  1. Cham Waterfalls

Cham Waterfalls

Cham waterfall adds to the beauty of the Chiniari village which is located in Hattain Dala District of Kashmir. The connection of the Jhelum valley road with the waterfall allows the visitors to reach the waterfall easily. The tourists are provided with proper accommodation to ensure that they enjoy their stay and live comfortably. The folklore attached to the waterfall is regarding the Mughal emperor Jahangir. According to the story, the emperor’s wife Nur Jehan used to bath in waterfall in order to enhance her beauty.  The tourists visit the waterfall to listen to these stories and enjoy the scenic beauty of the location.

  1. Sanjani Waterfall

Azad Kashmir shares borders with both India and Pakistan and being an independent territory, it is visited by people from both the countries. Sanjani is located in the small village of Khursheedabad, Forward Kahuta in the Haveli District of Azad Kashmir. The Sanjani waterfall is located on the line of control(LOC) of India and Pakistan and thus people from both the countries often visit this waterfall. It is among the most charismatic waterfalls of the world and it enjoys great attention. The ease with which the waterfall can be reached has allowed a great number of people to visit it yearly and therefore, throughout the year the place is flooded with visitors. In order to cater for the influx of people, new developments have taken place. Many new restaurants and hotels have been set up along with the accommodation facilities being provided to the tourists. The management of the motel take special care of the comfort of the visitors and are equipped with all the required facilities and things needed by the residents.

With such beautiful waterfalls, the valley of Azad Kashmir is home to not only different species of wild animals, but it also provides shelter to many localities and tourists who visit the valley. Throughout the year, the valley is full of visitors, wanting to enjoy the serene, cool weather. The tourists are often provided with facilities of restaurants and hotel rooms to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable. The waterfalls are among the greatest attractions of the valley and with a few being close to Islamabad, it is even more easy for people to visit it for a day-long visit.  The waterfalls near the city allow people to visit scenic places with ease and comfort. Azad Kashmir is a place which harbors a great number of lakes, forests and waterfalls along with the other natural wonders.