Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan

You may like the sun-kissed beaches of Sindh, bubbling rivers of Punjab, salty lakes of Balochistan or mesmerizing mountainous range of the northern areas; but one can never disagree with the fact that Pakistan is full of breathtaking destinations.

And just like that, Pakistan is also blessed with a number of stunning waterfalls. Most of them are found in remote locations and in between the rugged cliffs. We would definitely like you to visit them once in your lifetime!

Here is the list:

1. Neela Sandh Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Neela Sandh WaterfallThe name of this waterfall originates from an Urdu word Neela which means blue and surprisingly the color of the water found here also reflects the meaning.

Being at a distance of merely 40 km from Islamabad, it is relatively a small waterfall that is mostly visited by the locals from the cities surrounding the capital.

2. Khadumi Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Khadumi WaterfallHidden in the Soon valley, this waterfall is yet to be explored by many tourists. Although the water only falls in rainy season here, the whole place will feel like an isolated island that has green bushy trees around it.

3. Shahdara Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Shahdara WaterfallAs amazing as Margalla Hills of Islamabad are, they also have this famous waterfall that flows into a stream nearby.  The water remains ice cold throughout the year but only up to a level that everyone can easily enjoy swimming here.

4. Ashraf Chammbar

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Ashraf ChammbarThis waterfall is extremely unique in its own way as it flows down along a hiking track which then gives an impression of multiple waterfalls moving down close to you because of twists and turns in the track.

But once you reach down and see it from above, you will realize that it is just the magic of this waterfall.

5. Marot Waterfalls

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Marot Waterfalls

Southern Punjab is more famous for yellow fields but this waterfall is an ideal spot for most of the locals especially in the rainy season. It’s not very deep and flows towards the main marot river.

6. Jamgar Waterfalls

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Jamgar WaterfallsJamgar Falls belongs to Neelam Valley and is surrounded by soaring hills and scenic jungle. The beautiful valley is a 200 kilometers long bow-shaped forested area in Azad Kashmir.

7. Tilni Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Tilni WaterfallRight in the hub of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Baithak Baloch in the Sudhnuti District, this waterfall falls through the mountains that cuts into the water at many places, which then gives a soft flowy look.

8. Twin Waterfalls of Gulpur

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Twin Waterfalls of Gulpur

This waterfall in the Gulpur town of Kotli district, Azad Kashmir, is known for its back to back twin flows of water, which also gave the name Twin Waterfalls. The different colored trees add more charm to the surroundings.

9. Cham Waterfalls

It is connected to Jhelum Valley Road or Muzaffarabad-Srinagar Road which makes it an easy to go destination for tourists. It also has a lot of accommodation facilities nearby so you can fully enjoy your stay here.

10. Dhani Waterfalls

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Dhani Waterfalls

It is the highest waterfall in the region of Azad Kashmir along with the spectacular view of the Neelum Valley. The small rivulet cutting through two big rocky mountains is a treat to witness it with your eyes.

11. Kotla Waterfalls

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Kotla Waterfalls

It flows beside the Kotla village which is itself known for being located at an altitude of 5,798 feet above sea level in Azad Kashmir. This height adds more beauty to the waterfall sprouting in between the mountains.

12. Patika Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Patika WaterfallRight when you enter Neelum Valley, Patika waterfall welcomes you with a waterfall which has glassy transparent water flowing around the huge rocks and the associated pathways.

There is a bridge just above it to provide the most exquisite view of the waterfall to the visitors.

13. Naran Kaghan Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Naran Kaghan WaterfallAs Naran Kaghan is extremely popular, there is also a special waterfall there in tehsil called Kahuta. It’s a never ending chain of waterfall because the mountains in this area are covered with snow so it keeps on flowing throughout the year.

14. Jarogo Waterfalls

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Jarogo Waterfalls

Jarogo was named after a Hindu woman that lived here and was known for her beauty and charm. The silk like silver colored water flows from the top of mountains and a lot of locals relate the beauty of it with that woman.

15. Sajjikot Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Sajjikot WaterfallIn the heart of mountains, Abbottabad district, the lush green trees and rocky mountains overlooking this waterfall creates an aura that is so pleasing to the eyes.

16. Swabi Waterfalls

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Swabi Waterfalls

It is one of the highest waterfalls in Pakistan with crystal clear water flowing in between the rocks of Mardan. Words can never justify the atmosphere you will find here, with the cool breeze always blowing.

17. Hanna-Urak Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Hanna-Urak Waterfall

Hanna Lake starts right at the end of Urak Valley. The waterfall is small and hidden in between the mountains and therefore it remains unexplored in the region of Quetta till date.

18. Cham Waterfall

Top 18 Waterfalls in Pakistan - Cham Waterfall

A beautiful rainbow along with a stunning waterfall seems like a great idea right? If you want to turn your imagination into reality then head on to Chinari Village of Bagh District in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.