Top 18 Restaurants in Lahore That Will Make the Foodie in You Happy

Top 18 Restaurants in Lahore That Will Make the Foodie in You Happy

Lahore is one of the largest cities of the country and has a huge population. Therefore, in order to cater to the different tastes of the growing population, Lahore has become home to many different restaurants. The restaurants not only have different unique specialties but also have varying decors to appeal to their customers aesthetic senses. With such a huge range of restaurants available in Lahore, it is difficult to for an individual to select an eating place which not only has amazing food but also provides their services at a relatively lower price.

The top 18 restaurants in Lahore include:

  1. Noshakh

Named after the highest peak of Afghanistan, Noshakh has brought a unique taste in the city of Lahore. Offering its customers with special Afghani cultural food, the restaurant also has a wide variety of continental dishes. With the afghan kababs, and karahi’s being the top favorite of the visitors, the people of Defence are happy because of this new addition. Apart from its continental dishes, it also receiving positive reviews and high praises due to its desserts. With the pure ice-creams and hazelnut coffee, the restaurant has become an instant success and has been successful in gaining significant popularity. Moreover, the outstanding services and the mouth-watering food do not cost a lot and the prices of their dishes are reasonable and low.

  1. Galitos

Galitos is a South African restaurant which was established in 1996 with the motive of providing the people with the tastiest chicken. The unique fiery taste and the excellent combination of the chicken with the peri peri sauce made the restaurant an instant success. The branch in Pakistan is located in Gulberg III and has different chicken dishes, variety of burgers, steaks and pizzas.

  1. Thai Chi


Thai food served with extra spice is what an individual must expect while entering Thai chi. The restaurant has a huge variety of Thai food and due to its outstanding tastes and services, it has been able to make its place in the city. The defence Y block already has a huge variety of restaurants, but many visitors wanting Thai food have preferred Thai chi over many renowned Thai restaurants.

  1. China Town

The family style restaurant not only provides its customers with amazing Chinese food but also has a highly aesthetic place. With the Chinese decoration in place, the black and red color combination suits the décor and complements the indoor designing. As for the food, the Chinese dishes served are fresh, mouth warming and tasty. Many customers have visited often due to the perfect services and the food quality. The prices of the served food is appropriate and the customers never feel over charged as they leave the restaurant satisfied.

  1. Mandarin Kitchen

Mandarin kitchen is another recent addition to wide range of restaurants present in the defence area. In the little time the restaurant has been established, it has gained considerable fame and has attracted a huge number of customers due to its cool and peaceful atmosphere. The food offered ranges from the pan Asian to the European style dishes. Moreover, fast food like burgers and sandwiches are also available and liked by the customers.

  1. Bombay chowpatty

Offering Indian style street food to their customers, Bombay chowpatty has established many branches in Lahore and has gained significant customers and fame over time. With its dishes like “raj Kachori” bringing the combination of spice, yogurt and different raitas to the people of Lahore, Bombay Chowpatty has become one of the most liked food areas in Lahore.

  1. Bistro 201

Like many other cafes and restaurants, Bistro 201 is a roof top restaurant with an additional indoor seating. The customers get to enjoy the sizzling kebabs and the fresh dishes with a direct view of the outside. It is extremely pleasing to dine on the rooftop while enjoying the food on a cool breezy day.

  1. Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is one of the most famous Mediterranean restaurants in Lahore. The café offers a  wide range of dishes which not only have a creamy texture but also have a rich flavor. The café is located at the most upside part of the city and is one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Although, the food is overly priced , however the taste and the services are worth the money.

  1. Ziafat

Ziafat is indeed the best place to indulge into a space of satisfying sizzles and aroma of delicious food. The restaurant offers a buffet of all the continental dishes along with international food. The dishes have a savory flavor and are not overly priced. Ziafat is the best place for family and friends’ gatherings as it is highly economical and fulfilling.

The city has a huge variety of fast food franchise which are not only economical but also highly liked by the people.

  1. Ministry of Burgers

Like the name suggests, Ministry of Burgers is the place where burger experimenting takes place. The top-of-the-line buns and the juiciest meat make a deadly combination. The restaurant bakes its own buns and combines the fluffy buns with the tender chicken and a spicy sauce to satisfy the customers.

  1. Twistix

Mike Warren, with the idea of making pizza a portable, easy to carry snack introduced Twistix. The restaurant brought the concept along with the amazing taste of portable pizza to Lahore. The place offers cheese balls, grilled burgers and donors along with great culinary experience.

  1. Subway

Subway was established over 50 years ago with the vision of providing affordable, healthy and economic subs. The business venture was launched by a college student in order to pay for his college tuition and it turned into a huge success. Multiple branches of subway are located in different areas of Lahore. The sandwiches are greatly like by the customers because of their healthy attribute. The sandwiches are highly economical and satisfying.

  1. Filli Pizza and Fast food

Although, Filli Pizza and fast foods is a relatively new business venture, however people have taken a great liking to it. The restaurant offers exceptional pizzas along with a range of burgers, shawarma, hot wings, paratha rolls and many more economic deals.

  1. Pizza Hut

Pizza hut is another quite old fast food restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its extensive range of pizza flavors. The customers often enjoy its lasagna and salad and have found it to be economical and affordable.

  1. Johnny and Jugnu

Johnny and Jugnu has recently opened in Johar town and DHA, Lahore and has been quite successful. The place is flooded with customers wanting a juicy and tasty burger. With the extremely spicy and hot sauce, the burgers are affordable and yet exceptional.

  1. Smokeys Texas Grill

Smokey Texas Grill has established a strong foot hold in Lahore and is enjoyed by the customers immensely. The restaurant aims to provide the customers with the exotic tastes of Texas and their cuisines.

  1. Turkish Donar Kebab

The Turkish flavors have wafted their way into the hearts of the Lahoris. The Turkish Donor kebab provides burgers and continental cuisines with a touch of Turkish taste. The restaurant has been able to get positive ratings and reviews due to its excellent taste and low prices.

  1. Howdy Restaurant

The restaurant offers the best deals to its customers. The burgers are exceptional along with the side lines. The tender chicken along with a layer of jalapeños and the spiciest sauce available prove to be a killer combination.