Top 18 Celebrity Brides of Showbiz Industry in Pakistan in 2018

Top 18 Celebrity Brides of Showbiz Industry in Pakistan in 2018

We have seen the on-screen glamour of our most favourite showbiz actresses but what they look like in off-screen being the ‘showbiz brides’? You will explore that too. Stereotype-breaker Zara Noor Abbas, Saman Ansari and Faiza Saleem have clearly shown us how to follow what you want for you to be the best in an independent way, especially. Our showbiz brides know how to shut the hate speech just like Aimen Khan did. Among the trend setters our brides here, Ayesha Khan, Sara Razi Khan, Sara Shehzad, Alizey Fatima, Kiran Imran, Fiza Ali, Maham Amir and many more have shared the beautiful wedding highlights.

  1. Zara Noor Abbas

Zara has been trolled for wearing black on her mehandi event by the ‘red jora brigade’. Comments, like she is not looking like a bride, were among the hate comments that followed her event pictures on social media. However, with changing fashion trends the color scheme is also being changed now hence the individual preference apart from the old stereotypical ideas; weddings are becoming more unique and trendy regarding the outfit scheme. Apart from all the criticism Zara looked beautiful on her mehandi with Black and Gold as a choice for her event outfit. From dholak, sangeet to the reception Zara has been alluring in all the outfits. The big fat event of her Walima was especially drool-worthy of all.

  1. Ayesha Khan

The famous actress Ayesha Khan chose to wear different colors yet managed to look beautiful and elegant in all the events. For the event of baraat, Ayesha picked a heavily embroidered peach traditional lehanga with diamond studded jewelry. For her Walima, she wore a metallic gold dress with a dark green lehanga that clearly was the right choice for her. She carried the look with her ever-lasting charm and grace. From her minimal look on Mayun to her glamorous attire everything seemed so right on her.

  1. Aimen Khan

Apart from all the criticisms on her extravagant wedding she mesmerized her fans with each look carried so gracefully on her. A month-long wedding was worth of seeing her elegance in all shades of beauty. Leaving aside all the hate speech Aimen looked like a visionary princess with her prince charming Muneeb totally depicting fairytale vibes all over the social media. Most of her outfits were from Erum Khan Couture, who is one of Pakistan’s famous women wear designer offering a wide range of clothing such as Bridals, Formals and luxury pret.

  1. Sara Razi Khan

With the start of Sara’s wedding festivities people did not seem to hide their reactions on how they have seen her starting her acting career in the Pakistani showbiz industry as a child star, now all grown up and getting married. She kept it simple yet eye-catching with the shades of green and red on her wedding day. Sara inspired all the seekers of simple yet beautiful wedding ideas by her wedding attire.

  1. Mahenur Haider

Mahenur Haider looked alluring in her Champaign glittery dress that left sparkles all over our minds. This beautiful marriage brought many happening events in their lives and Mahenur along with her husband has been seen in many public events following their wedding. Mahenur looked like a vision in her royal wedding dress with on point jewels that beautified her whole wedding look. The elegance, charm and grace are just words but she depicted on her wedding like magic.

  1. Syeda Tuba

Her gold Lehnga with a touch of maroon did justice with her wedding look. Tuba Amir was Amir’s colleague and they got married in a private wedding event. But what could possibly be hidden from the eyes of social media. Where fans praised the wedding look of Tuba, there were hate comments too. The optimistic side of the wedding was the happy couple. Following the wedding event couple was seen in different shows where Syeda Tuba seemed to defend the hate comments in a very positive way.

  1. Alizey Tahir

From her lime green to her Red wedding dress the rising actress Aleezay Tahir carried all the looks with utter charm and beauty. She married her best friend in 2018 Arsalan. Her wedding bells rang in the initial years of her career which was quite shocking for the showbiz industry as her career in Pakistani industry had just begun. She has been seen in Pakistani dramas on and off in supporting roles but could not make it up to the leads yet.

  1. Saman Ansari

Saman, the ever-stunning Showbiz star became yet another bride to refuse the stereotypical wedding themes. She wore a Sapphire Blue on her Walima which was quite a different choice from the traditional ‘Walima pastel shades’. The wedding was a limited event and an affair of close relatives and few family friends that was held in Islamabad with no live media coverage and the pictures from wedding were uploaded on social media after sometime.

  1. Anum Fayyaz

Anum Fayyaz took start of her showbiz career with ‘Ahmed Habib Ki Betiyan’ after which her fan following increased. She played eye-catching roles in Zard Mausam, Mar Jain Bhi to Kya and Mein Hari Piya. From Pakistani showbiz actress to Pakistani showbiz bride Anum has given us some major goals. With a blessed start of her wedding the couple decided to have their Nikkah in Masjid-ul-Haram and vowed in the holiest of all places. What else could be a better start than this? The showbiz couple got married in 2018. Anum wore a Heavy ensemble Lehanga-cum-Saaree with gold jewellery all shining aptly with the dress and her look.

  1. Sara Shehzad

Sara Shehzad has been seen in the Pakistani Drama ‘Chahiye Thoda Pyar’. This talented actress not only set the on-screen vibes high but the off-screen vibes as well. Sara Shehzad dazzled in white formal and we can see why she chose the outfit. Her Nikkah Ceremony was kept private but the pictures were shared with the fans later on social media. Sara looked mesmerizing and elegant throughout the social media hype.

  1. Alizey Fatima

Alizey Fatima kept it simple with her elegant outfit on mehandi with a veil covering her face. The wedding day look however was more traditional and a happy moment for the ‘Classic Red Jora Brigade’. On her Walima she looked glamorous in a silver-colored jora that created a fairytale vibe in a star-studded showbiz wedding.

  1. Kiran Imran

Kiran looked just on point in a three colored dress at her Mayun in Red, Yellow and Green. On her wedding day Kiran carried the traditional Red with heavy jewels going fit with the traditional look and the Pakistani wedding vibe. Kiran and Imran looked sizzling together as the couple was trending soon after their wedding pictures went viral on social media.

  1. Fiza Ali

Pakistani actress Fiza Ali bids farewell to showbiz after her second marriage with Ayyaz Malik. Her fans got to know about her wedding through a social media post in which she told about she is married to Ayyaz Malik and that she is even leaving showbiz industry except for the ARY game show “Eidi Sab K Liye”. Along with showbiz celebrities her post was a site of fan wishes galore from everyone. In her wedding pictures Fiza looked charming as ever. Although it was a simple wedding but the couple seemed happy and that matters the most.

  1. Maham Amir

Maham Amir was in limelight for quite some time on the shocking reactions of fans about last year’s wedding pictures. She later cleared that they only got Nikkahfied last year and now they are getting married. They clarified that the wedding was postponed due to a sudden family member death. Maham and Faizan both looked trendy from their Mehandi to their Walima. Maham wore an off-white and Maroon dress on her big day which looked quite suitable for the whole wedding vibe.

  1. Faiza Saleem

It’s ok for a bride to have fun right. Faiza Saleem a very cheerful constituent of Pakistani Industry has given us some major happy-bride goals by enjoying to hers to the fullest in a fun-filled wedding. From her fun poses to her dance every single moment left us more in love with her personality.
“As women, we are expected not to be happy at our wedding. But why not?” she wrote. The cheerful Pakistani celebrity Faiza Saleem has depicted the true essence of wedding event, and if it’s not “fun and enjoyment” that came to your mind then what else possibly could. Her wedding vibrant attire was the right choice to go with her energy that complimented Faiza’s true vibe.
“I’m marrying the love of my life… everyone who a matter is happy for me or should be happy for me. Then why should I let nobodies dictate when, where and how I should express my emotions? If someone doesn’t like it, then too bad too sad. Tomorrow I will marry Abuzer InshaAllah and I pray that we continue to be happy together because you know what? Happy brides make everyone else happy too. Alhamdulillah. Please send us prayers and good vibes,” she added.

  1. Irza Khan

Irza Khan was all over news for her fake death news after falling from a crane which soon proved to be a false news as her wedding pictures replaced the headlines. She took a start of her career from anchoring in ARY News which got her a fortunate fame. Although she did not shared her wedding pictures as much as the other brides did and kept it comparatively a private affair.

  1. Maha Warsi

Maha Warsi, Pakistani Showbiz actress to married to her best friend from Canada. She looked beautiful in all her wedding outfits. Mehandi event was done just right with the flower jewellery. Maha is a talented actress and did big hits like Dusri Biwi and many more.

  1. Rabia Anum

The popular anchor of Geo News, Rabia Anum has forever been the talk of the town due to her fierce journalism. She is rated amongst the most acclaimed newscasters of the nation, boasting an experience of more than seven years in this field. Last year, Rabia Anum got Nikkahfied to Obaid, who is employed at Emirates Airline. The groom belongs to a well-off family with a strong educational background.

Pakistani showbiz industry is full of talented actors and actresses who have contributed and continue to do so for flourishing it more and more to new heights. From the new talent in hand to the experienced actresses Pakistani media has progressed at much higher pace, continues to do so. On-screen lifestyle and off-screen highlights, fans demand all of it from their inspirations and role models in industry and all the talented actresses have done it quite successfully.