Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in Pakistan


“Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how expensive it is to be poor” – James Baldwin, Chairman Faiz Foundation

Nonprofit organizations are free from the influence of the government and its bureaucracies and are working independently to change the economic, social and living conditions of the depressed people of our country.

Nonprofits are advocating for the rights of the civilians so that they can get access to health, education, nutrition, safe shelter, equal pay scale, fair legal treatment, employment opportunities and social security, in every step of life.

Non Profit organizations work to build a peaceful society in which equity, dignity and the freedom of exercising rights would prevail for all.

1. Robin Hood Army:

Robin Hood Army -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanThe Robin Hood Army is a nonprofit organization run by a group of volunteers comprised of students and young professionals.


Robin Hood is set on their mission to wipe out hunger from our society and save the starved ones by providing them surplus food from restaurants and the local households. They serve the unfortunate faction of our society including homeless families, orphanages, patients from public hospitals, and old age homes.

2. Transparent Hands:

Transparent Hands -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanTransparent Hands is a Lahore based online crowdfunding platform operating in the healthcare sector to fulfill its promises every day, to uplift life and prevent premature deaths among the poor community of Pakistan.

The organization has performed 464 free surgeries of the poor patients so far and has spent $419.29K funding for this generous cause. This nonprofit organization has also organized 35 medical camps in the rural areas of Pakistan treating over 12,143 poor patients for free.

3. Mashal:

Mashal -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanMashal is a nonprofit organization, working to implement their vision of empowering all genders so that they are able to break all sorts’ stereotypes.

This organization is advocating for a safe living and equal rights of the marginalized and transgender people of our society.

4. Care and Relief Foundation (CRF):

Care and Relief Foundation -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanCRF is an independent nonprofit which was founded in 2012 by Allama Syed Zafar Ullah Shah. This organization is dedicated to helping the poor and needy to become self-sufficient to meet their basic needs.


CRF is working in Pakistan and also abroad to provide food, clean water, medical facility, solar power, and equipment for people with disabilities to give them the strength to deal with their problems.

5. Todd’s Welfare Society (TWS):

Todd's Welfare Society -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanAnimals are living beings and they get hurt or bleed when we treat them inappropriately. Humanity should not only prevail for humans but should prevail for the animals too.

Since its establishment in 2016, Todd’s Welfare is working to protect the injured, sick and abandoned animals in Lahore. The main objective of this nonprofit is to rescue animals and provide them safe shelter, medical assistance, and rehabilitation.

6. Ansar Burney Trust:

Ansar Burney Trust -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanAnsar Burney Trust is assisting the less fortunate since its inception in the 1980s and running activities to establish the human and civil rights for all.

Ansar Burney’s main agenda is to advocate for the prevailing injustice in our society and calling out to correct every wrong deed. They are also focusing on the rehabilitation and treatment process of ailing humanity.

7. War against Rape:

War against Rape -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanRape, sexual abuse and harassment are a curse to our society. We all are aware of the issues, yet choose to remain silent due to various social pressures or norms.

WAR Against Rape is an NGO working aggressively to ensure justice for rape victims and providing them legal aid, psycho-therapeutic counseling and basic medical assistance in the time of crises.

8. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation:

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanBilqees Sarwar Foundation is a family run organization that believes bounties can only multiply when we share it with others.

This nonprofit is providing free scholarships to students, financial aid to the poor families and free eye care and dialysis treatment to poor patients at Bilqees Sarwar Hospital.

9. Rising Sun Institute:

Rising Sun Institute -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanRising Sun Institute is a commendable project, launched by the “Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society” a charitable organization, working for the wellbeing and betterment of special and disabled children.

Since its inception, it is providing life-changing services like education, vocational & computer training to the special needs children. They are helping 600 children across the country through physio, hydro, speech therapy and various other forms of rehabilitation facilities and enabling them to live a healthy life.

10. Darul Sakun:

Dar-ul-Sukun -Top 10 Non-Profit Organizations in PakistanDarul Sakun is enabling the disabled men, women, and children to thrive in their lives despite their shortcomings.

This nonprofit organization is focused on providing safe, healthy and sound living conditions to the mentally and physically disabled people in our country، who are often given ill-treatment by their family or relatives as they are believed to be the burdens on the society.

Darul Sakun is empowering the disabled population، so that they can participate in the mainstream and feel like a normal person.