Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan


Most of us do not pay heed outside our own territories which is the reason that we often hold very biased opinions on other countries. This is the same case with Pakistan.

For years, people outside the Pakistani territory have judged this nation often based on the biased headlines and partial news published by the international media.

No nation is perfect so is Pakistan, but people having the power and strength within them to work for the change they aspire to see in the society can unite together on the economic and social fronts to make their nation great.

Hence, charitable and nongovernmental organizations have stepped up to work for the betterment of our society by providing humanitarian services to the vulnerable communities and advocating for their basic human rights; such as access to food, shelter, healthcare, education, and employment.

NGOs believe that long term developmental goals cannot be achieved when half of our population is suffering for no reason. Therefore, these organizations are addressing the social and economic issues of our country to attain prosperity and healthy living for all.

1. Transparent Hands:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Transparent HandsTransparent Hands is a Lahore based online crowdfunding platform operating in the healthcare sector to fulfill its promises, every day, to uplift life and prevent premature deaths among the poor community of Pakistan.

Transparent Hands is committed to sharing its bounties with the unfortunate population of the country. The organization has performed 464 free surgeries of the poor patients so far and has spent $419.29 K funding for this generous cause.

Transparent Hands aims to reach the most vulnerable patients across the country that need immediate medical treatments and medicines. This nonprofit organization has also organized 35 medical camps in the rural areas of Pakistan, treating over 12,143 poor patients for free.

2. Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE):


 Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE)Hope is working with their vision to build a well educated and healthy society for all, where women and children can enjoy equal rights.

In order to succeed in their mission, Hope is providing services of health and education for the poor and needy in Pakistan.

This NGO is providing healthcare services for the poor through hospitals and maternal and child health centers. They are also assisting poor children to achieve a better future through formal and informal academic education.

3. Rahma Islamic Relief:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Rahma Islamic Relief RAHMA is relieving the pain of the vulnerable population to acquire a healthy life and well being. This NGO provides free healthcare through their rural medical camps and is spreading awareness on health and hygiene issues.

RAHMA’s welfare activities are also focused on poverty alleviation, providing rural communities with improved access to water for drinking and other household needs, installation of hand pumps and water supply schemes in places where water is scarce.

4. Kashf Foundation:

 Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Kashf FoundationKashf is a Non-Banking Micro Finance Company which is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Kashf works for women and since its inception, it has managed to create an extraordinary niche for itself in the microfinance sector by offering a series of innovative services and products to women belonging to the low-income households.

Kashf offers assessment based individual loans to the poor women along with other non-financial services to help them transform their lives at the household level.

5. Khubaib Foundation:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Khubaib FoundationKhubaib Foundation is an NGO providing educational, rescue and social welfare services to people belonging to different factions of our society especially to orphans, prisoners, widows and destitute people.

Khubaib believes that everybody should receive a second chance in life, thus, it is providing reformation and rehabilitation opportunity to the prisoners, orphans, and widows through their health, educational and relief programs.

6. JDC Foundation of Pakistan:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -JDC Foundation of PakistanJafaria Disaster Management Cell (JDC) is Welfare and Non-Governmental Organization, established by some students of Karachi in 2009. The NGO is formed by active volunteers belonging from the different political and social background.

Since its inception, it is working to provide humanitarian services to every individual in the country through their ambulance and rescue services in emergencies.

They are also known to provide relief and charities to the poor and helpless in the country that are forgotten and living in isolation without proper facilities.

7. War against Rape:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -War Against RapeRape, sexual abuse or harassment are a curse to our society. We all are aware of the issues yet choose to remain silent due to various social pressures or norms.

WAR Against Rape is an NGO working aggressively to ensure justice for rape victims and providing them legal aid, psycho-therapeutic counseling and basic medical assistance in the time of crises.

8. Rising Sun Institute:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Rising Sun InstituteRising Sun Institute is a commendable project, launched by the “Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society” a charitable organization, working for the well being and betterment of special and disabled children.


Since its inception, it is providing life-changing services like education, vocational & computer training to the special needs children.

They are helping 600 children across the country through physio, hydro, speech therapy and various other forms of rehabilitation facilities and enabling them to live a healthy life.

9. Idara-e-Aman-o Insaf:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Idara-e-Amn-o InsafThe Idara-e Aman-O-Insaf is a Pakistan based NGO which was set up by Pakistani Christians in 1974 and run by them. The NGO is working to resolve social and labor issues while raising awareness among people through its official magazine called “Jafakash” (Hard Worker).

This NGO is providing its services for 30 years and addressing issues like employment rights of the poor and marginalized Muslims and Christians and fighting the discriminatory Blasphemy Laws.

10. Al-Khidmat Pakistan:

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan -Al-Khidmat PakistanAlKhidmat Foundation is a network that provides humanitarian services across the country, without the discrimination of race, color, gender, religion, caste, language, or political affiliation.

Al-Khidmat provides their services in all areas of life, starting from Disaster Management to Education, Health Services and Clean Water and it’s all because people matter to them.