These are the Best Harissa Places in Lahore

These are the Best Harissa Places in Lahore

Lahore takes pride in its cuisines because their foods are extraordinary and taste exotic. Lahore’s food is also well known in other provinces and Harissa is one of them.

Harissa is a Desi meal like “Haleem” but it is modified and made more enticing by adding kebabs on top of it. The dish becomes mouth watering as soon as it is served with Desi Tarka.

Lahore being the biggest city of the Punjab province is the hub of many food spots who are offering us the delight of special Harissa for many years. So we have tried to list the best Harissa places in Lahore based on their goodwill, reputation and customer reviews.

1. Kaghani Harissa Gawalmandi Lahore:

These are the Best Harissa Places in Lahore - Kaghani Harissa Gawalmandi LahoreKaghani Harissa represents the recipe and flavors of the Amritsari-Kashmiri community, which was brought to Lahore from Amritsar after the partition of 1947 by Baba Saddruddin and his family.

Since then the tradition is being carried on over three generations and they still follow the 70 years’ old tested recipes and methods to cook Harissa.

When Baba Saddruddin first started this eatery venture he was very careful about maintaining the top-notch quality in cooking the dish. He used to select only the mountain goats from Kaghan for the meat because these goats fed on the juiciest grass on the mountain pastures, providing a unique aroma and taste after being cooked. So the shop became widely known as ‘Kaghani Kashmiri Hareesa’.

The Harissa is still cooked in a Desi “Deg” in the ground and the “Kulchas” are prepared in a clay oven. The grains are crushed and blended well with the meat fiber that will soothe your taste buds.

They cook only one ‘deg’ a day, and it is served fresh to their customers. There is a nice hall room in the shop which can accommodate 60 people at one time so you can take your family for an outing on Sunday mornings.

2. Amritsari Harissa:

These are the Best Harissa Places in Lahore -Amritsari HarissaAmritsari Harissa is serving the local customers for many years. Their Harissa is classic and tasty enough to blow your mind.

Try their Beef and mutton Harissa which is cooked with Desi ghee and the small kebabs are just mouth watering. However, it is best to avoid their chicken Harissa as it appears to be tasteless sometimes.

Amritsari Harissa is located near a busy road so don’t expect this place to be polished or nicely groomed. There are no proper sitting arrangements so it’s better to take your Harissa home. You may face parking issues as well.

3. Hareesa Al Jaheed:

These are the Best Harissa Places in Lahore -Hareesa Al Jaheed Hareesa Al Jaheed brings the taste of eastern and western cuisines under the same roof. They have a crispy fast food menu which the fast food lovers would highly appreciate. They are also serving the best Harissa in town which is worth trying.

Beef Harissa and Mutton Harissa are both available in plain or fried flavors so prices will vary depending on the type you are ordering. Their Harissa is spicy and pungent and the meats are too succulent.

Outdoor seating arrangements are available so this place is good for groups. Their waiters are also well behaved.

4. Khalid Kashmiri Harissa:

These are the Best Harissa Places in Lahore -Hareesa Al Jaheed

Kashmir is the heaven on earth and its exquisite cuisines have always been a pleasure to our taste buds. Khalid Kashmiri Harissa is representing the delicacies of Kashmiri taste, flavors, and spices.

Khalid Kashmiri isn’t a commercial shop where you can go and buy the amazing dish at any time. Khalid Kashmiri is run from home and probably this is the reason that the Harissa is made with lots of homely love and care.

They serve Mutton Harissa only and their service is catered all over Lahore. At times problems can occur with the shipping options and you may have to go there to take your ordered dish.

Their Harissa is made with the pure and finest mutton meat pieces which make the dish really irresistible. Their drooling presentation is bound to heighten your appetite.