The Top 70 Valleys of Pakistan You Need to Visit

The Top 70 Valleys of Pakistan You Need to Visit

Pakistan is a hidden gem when we consider the several natural bounties that it has been given. Luscious green pastures, high and mighty mountains, gushing lakes and more is what Pakistan has been blessed with. If you like vacationing, are thinking of vacationing or are looking to expand your knowledge regarding Pakistan’s valleys, then we have the top 70 valleys of Pakistan listed here:


1. Dhan Valley: Dhan Valley or the Dhan Kahon, and is a beautiful valley of Potohar Plateau of .Punjab. The Valley is located over the city of Chakwal, and is immensely popular for quails, bulls, ground nuts, and more. The famous chappal of special design is also a popular tourist attraction. It paves way to the Jhelum River.

2. Phugla Valley: One of the valleys neighboring Balochistan, Phugla valley is located in Taunsa Sharif. The valley is divided into two major parts; the Southern Phugla and the Northern Phugla by a stream or riverine called the Drug Lahar. Many people love to visit this valley solely for picnics and fishing.

3. Soan Sakaser Valley: The Soan Sakaser valley is a name well-known to all, and it is one of the most beautiful valleys of the Potohar Plateau. There is no water draining system here, therefore there are many salty lakes here. The most famous lakes of this valley are the Ucchali Lake and the Khabikki Lake. It has many springs, waterfalls, but its attraction spots; Arkanda Fort, Kanhatti Gardens and Sultan Mehdi Chashma take the credit for fame


4. Allai Valley: Allai Valley within the Allai tehsil or district, is in the district of Batagram of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This valley holds history as it was not always considered a part of Pakistan but soon merged with it after the ruling of the local Khans ended here. The culture of its dominant and previous rulers can still be found within this valley. The residents of this valley have been called as extremely welcoming to tourists.

5. Bahrain Valley: The Bahrain valley means “two rivers” in the local language. It is conjoined by the Daral River and the major river of Swat. This is a famous valley of Swat and is known for its cool temperature. It even gives way to the Saidgai Lake and is open throughout the year for tourist vacationing.

6. Battagram Valley: The Battagram district is basically the Battagram valley in the Hazara Division and over 50 kilometers from Mansehra. This valley is where huge pastures and livestock are found, and it is connected to the Allai and Choor valley.

7. Bishigram Valley: The Bishigram also known as the Beshigram valley is an extremely small valley made by the local river. This valley is only a few kilometers from the Madyan valley, and is accessible for fishing and swimming.

8. Broghil Valley: The Broghil Valley is a huge park, according to the locals. This is the valley which is quite near the snowy tips and the ChitiBoui glacier of Afghanistan. A cool, pristine lake, called as Karambar Lake, flows through this valley which is Pakistan’s second highest lake.

9. Bumburet Valley: The largest valley of the Chitral valley, the Bumburet valley is situated in the Kalasha Desh of Chitral. Another famous valley, the Kunar valley is located within the territories of the Bumburet valley. This valley is one of the traveling routes to Afghanistan.

10. Chitral Valley: The Chitral Valley is the capital of Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and through it flows the northern Chitral River from KPK. This valley connects to more valleys like Drosh and Arandu, therefore is an extremely popular tourist point.

11. Gabina Jabba Valley: The Gabin Jabba / Gabina Jabba means “honey marches” in Pashto. This valley is famous for reasons apart from tourism, and it is that this valley holds the home for thousand medicinal trees and plants, which come in helpful in making our daily medicines. However, this valley buzzes with several honey bees, so you have to be quite cautious!

12. Gabral Valley: Gabral valley is in Kohistan and is the way to two rivers; the Utror River and Gabral River. It is the neighbor of the very beautiful Utror Valley, and attracts thousands of tourists yearly.

13. Jarogo Valley: The Jarogo valley is considered one because of the scenic and the gushing waterfall; the Jarogo Waterfall, which means “Broom” in Pashto language. The Jarogo valley holds the highest waterfall of Pakistan, and this valley is a few kilometers from Mingora. People also believe that the Jarogo waterfall was named after a Hindu woman called Jarogui, who was quite respected and popular in her times. The Jarogo Valley serves as one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan.

14. Kaghan Valley: Every Pakistani is familiar with the Kaghan valley, which is located in Mansehra. People and mostly students from all over Pakistan love to visit here on trips and like to trek near its highest point; Babusar Pass. If you love fishing or sitting near lakes to eat delicious trout, then Kaghan valley will make your wishes come true.

15. Kalam Valley: Another commonly known name; the Kalam Valley is a mesmerizing valley which is blessed with cascading lakes and is also the leading way to other valleys including the Utror and the Ushu valley. It has many famous tourist spots including Kundol Lake, Mahodand Lake and more.

16. Kalash Valleys: The Battagram valley, the Kunar Valley and the Biriu valley are all parts of the Kalash valley. This valley is one of the most popular vacationing spot, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you might even venture toward learning the old Hindu culture that is integrated here.

17. Khot Valley: The Khot Valley is a peaceful and serene valley in the Hindu Kush Mountains in Chitral. There are several small villages located in the Khot valley, and all the villagers are known to be extremely hospitable.

18. Konsh Valley: A strange name, The Konsh Valley is a small valley which serves as a resting spot or rest stop when you’re traveling on the Silk route. The Konsh valley’s HQ is Battal, where many fields of barley, maize and more can be found. Konsh Valley might not be your usual vacationing spot, but if you are traveling on the Silk route via the Karakoram Mountains, then this serves as a relaxing place to be.

19. Kumrat Valley: Kumrat valleys is THE place to be when you want to tour somewhere peaceful and relaxing at the same time. Located in upper Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kumrat valley is blessed with snow clad mountains, several pastures, fields and more. A famous honey mooning spot, this valley attracts couples from all over Pakistan, and it has even attracted many foreigners. Famous tourist spot here is the local meadows; Jahaz Banda.

20. Madyan Valley: Madyan Valley is a small hill station located a few kilometers from Mingora in Swat. The reason why Madyan valley is famous among tourists is the local delicacy; trout fish which is available here and the cool, pristine lakes to which the valley is home.

21. Mankyal Valley: In Swat lies a small administrative unit; the Mankyal valley. This valley is home to many political meetings, and is considered as a peaceful valley. This valley leads to Kalam, and is a famous trekking spot.

22. Marandeh Valley: A hidden beauty in the district Chitral of Pakistan, the Marandeh valley overlooks serene and peaceful meadows. If you’re traveling anywhere near Chitral, you’ll be delighted to know that this valley attracts little tourist attraction, so if you easily get claustrophobic in crowded vacationing spots, you know this is the one for you.

23. Marghazar Valley: Saidu Sharif leads to the beautiful Marghazar valley, which means Green Land in the local language. The Marghazar valley is a famous relaxing place for many tourists because it holds cool water springs, snowy mountain tips and several meadows.

24. Miandam Valley: The Miandam Valley is a beautiful hill station situated in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges. It is home to many medicinal plants which serve as the basic ingredient of local and national medicines. It has many mesmerizing sceneries which will make your visit worthwhile.

25. Miranzai Valley: The Miranzai Valley is more known to local as Hangu. The locals believe that Hangu is derived from a Chinese word, and it was named after China’s own city after some travelers found it similar to the latter. It is also famous for its public school named after the martyr student Aitzaz Hussain, who sacrificed his life to save the school from being bombed. Miranzai Valley is a source of peace and tourists from all over Pakistan love to visit this valley to cool off.

26. Palas Valley: Want to spend time somewhere where royalties have stayed too? Palas Valley is most definitely your answer. A growingly popular valley of Swat, the Pallas Valley is becoming one of the most popular tourist spot. Its scenic attributes have attracted several visitors, and it is home to many animals including the musk deer.

27. Panjkora Valley: The Panjkora Valley is formed due to the Panjkora River which falls in the valley directly from the northern areas of KPK The infamous Hindu Kush Mountains, and the Gandhara civilization lie here. For years this valley has attracted archaeologists, because of its closeness to an old grave site called Timergara, and the nearest Buddhist Talash Valley. By visiting this place, you will definitely mark it as one of the best trips you ever had.

28. Rumbur Valley: The Kalash valley in Chitral district accommodates the Rumbur valley, and is famous for its hospitality. Running along a bumpy road, the Rumbur Valley is liked by many people for its environment and a rich river that flows through it.

29. Shaikhdara Valley: The Shaikhdara Valley the most popular tehsil of Kohistan district of KPK and has many important and famous tourist attractions. Kaarin, Baanw, Ghain Bhoin, Takki, Bhoin and Dabru are one of these famous tourist spots.

30. Shinkari Valley: The Shinkari valley, famously called the “country of the Shins” is located in Kohistan. This valley leads to the Karakoram highway. And connects to the Indus River.

31. Siran Valley: Siran valley lies in Mansehra, KPK. This valley is named after the flowing Siran River. The river attracts tourists and gives a cool breeze to the valley, but the real fame of this valley is wrapped around its meadows, Kunali Meadows, Khanda Gali Meadows, Pleja Meadows and Musa ka Musallah.

32. Swat Valley: The Swat valley is unknown to none. This piece of beauty is in Malakand, and is made by the Swat River flowing through it. The Swat valley is named after the word Shveta of the Sanskrit language meaning white, and it is indeed surrounded by snow clad mountains all around. It has many popular tourist attractions including the Utror, the Kalam valley, Malam Jabba and the Jarogo waterfall. What more is that people from all over the world are familiar with this land because the Queen of England declared it the Switzerland of Pakistan.

33. Tikri Valley: Tikri valley is a small valley in Battagram valley and was named after the Tikri Gujjars, who were rumored to have ruled here for years. The culture of these Gujjars can be seen even today, and people love to visit this place so they can have a taste of hospitality of the locals. A kind place with inviting meadows, Tikri valley is the one thing your hot summer needs.

34. Tirat Valley: The Madyan valley is neighbor to the Tirat valley, which is in Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is known as the heart of the upper Swat by locals, and is a local beauty.

35. Utror Valley: Located in the upper Dir district is the Utror valley. Only a few kilometers from Kalam, this valley is on the face of the Kundol River and is an ideal tourist spot.


36. Bagrot Valley: Bagrot valley is within the ranges of the Karakoram, and is known as Bagrot valley because of the river Bagrot. The Bagrot river flows through it joins the Bagrot Valley to several other valleys including the Shigar, Nagar, and the Naltar Valley. It is a famous tourist spot, and has pulled many tourists from all over.

37. Chiporsun Valley: Hunza valley has eight villages, one of which The Chiporsun Valley is included. This valley marks the end of the northern sides of Pakistan, and is considered the last valley of Pakistan.

38. Chorbat Valley: The Chorbat Valley is located near the valley of Khaplu and is the sole valley which leads to the Ladakh mountain ranges of India and Pakistan. Historically, the Chorbat Valley holds significant importance as it was tied up in the 1971 war.

39. Domel Valley: The Domel Valley unpopularly known as the Minimarg Valley, became the centre of attention when a news blog pointed out towards it beauty. Initially unable to attract tourists because of being damaged in the Pakistan-India wars, it regained its popularity after the news blog declared it as a piece of Heaven. This valley is also connected to the famous Rainbow Lake or the Domel Lake.

40. Gilgit Valley: Everyone has heard of the Gilgit Valley, and it is simply for the reason that this valley is the perfect vacationing spot. There is never a day in this valley when it does not attract tourists. It is irrigated by the Gilgit River and is considered one of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan.

41. Gorikot/ Astore Valley: The Astor/Astore/Gorikot Valley is one of the limited ten districts of Gilgit Baltistan. It is unclear from where the valley got its name, but locals believe the name is derived from the son of a very famous Persian adventurer. The Domel Valley, the Rupal Valley and the Rama Valley are all included in this huge valley. This valley attracts many people not only for its beauty but also for its local lake; the Allah Wali Jheel (which spells out the Arabic name of God; Allah, through its discourse).

42. Haji Gham Valley: the famous Satpara Lake is to the east of this valley; the Haji Gam or the Haji Gham Valley. This valley is a famous entrance to the second highest plain of the world, the Deosai. Famously called as the “Blue Area of Skardu”, and it is also well-known for the Cha Ga Dodoori and Ghee.

43. Hispar Valley: The Hispar valley is a part of the Nagar Valley, and is considered the last valley of the area. This valley only attracts mountaineers and trekkers, because it is too cold to stay during the winter and is one of the main trekking sites for the Siachen glacier.

44. Hopar Valley: neighbor to the Hispar valley, the Hopar valley is also a part of the Nagar valley. The famous Golden Peak glaciers can be spotted from this valley, and it has many more glaciers called as the Hopar glaciers. These glaciers are the Mier, the Hoper and the Barpu Glacier. It holds the Rush Lake Hopar, which is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world. It also is the home of the national bird of Pakistan; Chakour.

45. Hushay Valley: The Hushe valley is located in Gilgit Baltistan‘s high mountains. The valley is also a gateway to the K7 mountain peaks.

46. Hunza Valley: The Hunza Valley is not a name you have not heard before. Yearly, thousands of trips go to the Hunza Valley because it is extremely beautiful and magnificent. People from all over like to visit this valley which is located in the extreme north of Gilgit Baltistan, and is therefore cold throughout the year. The famous Jamalabad fort here is also a top-notch tourist attraction.

47. Ishkoman Valley: Ishkoman valley lies near Afghanistan in Gilgit Baltistan. Ishkoman valley hardly classifies as a tourist spot because of its cold temperature, it is a definite one to visit if you want to sight-see the white tips of Pamir.

48. Khaplu Valley: Feeling amorous? Khaplu valley is the answer! Khaplu Valley is in Northern Pakistan, accessible through Skardu after a few mile jeep track. The Khaplu Valley became famous when Forbes magazine highlighted it as the coolest valley. Head off toward Khaplu valley for a chilling ride!

49. Kharkoo Valley: The Kharkoo Valley is right beside the Khaplu Valley, and is far warmer than the other valleys that surround Gilgit Baltistan. If you want to visit valleys and spend your time in mountains, but cannot bear too much cold, then Kharkoo Valley is your warm spot! Neighbor to the Siachen glacier, the Kharkoo valley has many famous visiting and tourist sites including Garbong Aol, Lahar Huring, Kharkoo Ghola, Ranga and the Shahi Polo Ground.

50. Kunar Valley: The Kunar River makes the Kunar Valley, located in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. This shared valley is mostly barren, but in one district; Watapur district; surplus crop fields can be found.

51. Makheli Valley: This valley is probably unfamiliar to your tongue, and it is for this reason that we recommend Makheli valley to you. A small valley, the Makheli valley is a small village; called the Makheli village and is home to many crop fields. If you want to catch up on your sleep, roam somewhere cool without having to worry about anything, then Makheli valley will prove quite helpful.

52. Misgar Valley: The Silk route is one of the most important trade routes in Pakistan, and in the way to Silk Route lies the Misgar Valley. For many tourists, the Misgar valley is a part of Hunza valley, but it is now revealed that the Misgar valleys lies directly along the Hunza Valley.

53. Nagar Valley: the valley of Nagar is a part of the Hunza valley, and is also called as Nagar Khas in Urdu and Oyum Nagar in the local language. Nagar befalls en’route the Khunjerab Pass, and is the connecting route of Pakistan to China. Previously known as Broshal valley, the Nagar valley is popular because of the Rakaposhi Mountains and the community park; the Rakaposhi Park. Marco polo sheep, snow leopards, hyenas and wolves have been spotted several times in this valley.

54. Naltar Valley: The Naltar valley is located near Nomal and Hunza, and is situated in Gilgit Baltistan. If you have been fanatic about trying out skiing, then this valley is the one for you. The Naltar Pine and the Naltar Bala are in this valley. A famous wildlife sanctuary is located here. If you have ever wondered where did our famous national champions; Pakistani alpine skier sisters Amina Wali Ifrah Wali and the Vancouver Olympic participant Muhammad Abbas are from, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that these national champions belong to the Naltar Valley!

55. Rama Valley: The Rama Valley is a recently discovered trekking place, and is signified by the Rama Lake in the Astor/ Gorikot valley. Although this valley hardly attracts independent tourists, every tourist trip to Gorikot is accommodated in this beautiful valley.

56. Shigar Valley: The Shigar Valley is known for its famous small town called the Askole, and leads to the Mount-Godwin Austin Mountain. It is irrigated by the Shigar River, and has many more villages. Many important and expensive minerals were discovered here.

57. Thagus Valley: a commonly ignored, this piece of gem is located in Gilgit Baltistan and is famous for its huge crop fields and wooden houses. It is rarely visited by tourist agencies, but those few tourists who have visited this place claim it to be one of the prettiest valleys they have seen.

58. Thalay Valley: the Thalay valley lies on the bank of Shyok River and is the famous home of many sweet fruit farms. Tourists love to visit this valley merely for wandering in its meadows and fruit farms. It has several lakes within the valley, all of which are made by the cascading water of glaciers. It is one of the most fertile land of Gilgit Baltistan.


59. Chamman Valley: The Chamman or the Chaman Valley is the second largest city tehsil in Balochistan. The Chaman Valley is known for its extremely cold atmosphere, dropping to -10.5 degrees in winters. This valley is important for trading, and is also famous for its boxing ring and football grounds.

60. Quetta Valley: The provincial capital of Balochistan is the Quetta valley and is recognized nationally as the largest valley of Balochistan. The temperature of Quetta makes it an ideal residency in summers, but in winters temperate can drop to unbelievingly figures. The famous Hanna Lake is present in Quetta, and was for a while dried out but now is mightier than ever and is gushing to cool off people from all over Pakistan.

61. Urak Valley: The Urak Valley is nearby Quetta valley and can be accessed only a few kilometers from the Hanna Lake. Tourists love to stay here to admire the waterfall of Hanna Lake, and there is another tourist spot called the Wali-Tangi dam. The best apple farms are in Urak Valley.


62. Bagh Valley: If you believe in legendary tales, then Bagh valley will definitely intrigue you. Located in Azad Kashmir, and accessible through Muzaffarabad, Kohala and Sudhan Gali, according to the local legend, the valley got its name after a huge garden which later grew into a huge forest. This valley is also famous for its fort; Bagh fort, which has been a topic of interest among many archaeologists.

63. Bandala Valley: Bandala valley is a large valley located in Azad Kashmir. If you are a mango lover, and love nature the same way, then this valley might just be the best valley you will ever visit. It has countless mango trees so you can enjoy your favorite fruit while you’re there. 😉 The valley is recognizable because of the Reech Pahari (Bear Mountain) and once you visit there, you will see the countless lakes, streams and wild animals that reside there. These streams are filled with fresh fish of different kinds, and the animals commonly found there are Peacocks, Quail, Hyenas, the Bird-of-paradise, eagle, falcon, and Pythons, and more.

64. Banjosa Valley: An artificial valley as beautiful as a real one, The Banjosa Valley is made by the Banjosa Lake, and is located near the Neelam valley and Rawalakot. If you want to enjoy a romantic environment, then this valley is the perfect vacationing spot. It is famous for dense trees, wooden guest house and pine trees.

65. Bhana Valley: Within the territories of the Banjosa valley, The Bhana Valley is a small valley with a cool environment. This valley is a favorite silent vacationing spot of many tourists, and is home to welcoming hosts.

66. Kas Chanatar: Kas Chanatar is located in Azad Kashmir, but is very near to the border of Punjab. All over the valley, stone walls and house implanted by the Mughal emperors that roamed here can be seen. This valley also has many wild animals, but when you visit this place, you will want to stay here forever.

67. Leepa Valley: Leepa Valley is in Azad Kashmir, a few kilometers from Muzaffarabad. This valley is the sole valley from where the LOC passes through. It is divided into Leepa, Chanania, Reshian and Dao Khan Segments, and is itself in the Hattian Bala district. Leepa valley holds wide green meadows, which are comforting for the tourists.

68. Pathika or Pattika Valley: One of the smaller valleys in Muzaffarabad, the Pattika valley is a small, peaceful and calm valley which is considered as the soft spot of tourists. Visiting this place makes you feel homely and secure.

69. Samahni Valley: Samahni Valley was highlighted as one of the best places to stay in Pakistan. It is the largest valley of Azad Kashmir, and was ruled by many Mughal emperors in the previous centuries. The Mughal built Baghsar fort by the Baghsar Lake is one of the most popular attractions here.

70. Shounter Valley: Just besides the Neelam valley lies the Shounter Valley, irrigated by the Shounter Lake. The alpine waters flow through this lake, and give it a glossy appearance. The Shounter valley is accessible through Jeeps and trekking only.