The Art of Highlighting


Is it just me or have we gone a little wild with highlighter? Super glittery, very metallic, visible-from-outer-space highlighters have dominated the market and, while I adore a drag queen-level face beat, warmer weather has me in the mood for a little subtlety.

When applied with a lighter hand, highlighter can make your skin look dewy and fresh—like you actually drink eight glasses of water a day and get eight hours of sleep (if only).

And while there are plenty of methods out there for how and where to apply highlighter on your face, look no further than the expert, Pat McGrath and her team from Pat McGrath Labs, for the best tips for getting a natural-looking glow.

Step One: Start With a Cream Highlighter :

Step One: Start With a Cream Highlighter  -The Art of HighlightingAfter prepping the skin with concealer and foundation, use one finger to apply cream highlighter to larger areas: tops of cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and under the brow bone. “Think of the places the sun would hit first,” McGrath advises.

Step Two: Apply Minor Highlights :

Step Two: Apply Minor Highlights -The Art of HighlightingUsing a small precision brush, apply highlighter to smaller areas of the face. Highlighting the cupid’s bow adds “instant volume” to your lips, while applying to your inner corners “opens up the eye and defines it with light,” says McGrath.

Step Three: Sweep On Powder Highlighter :

Step Three: Sweep On Powder Highlighter -The Art of HighlightingIf you want to look extra lit, use a fluffy brush to layer on iridescent highlighter powder over the areas you already lightened. “Buff in until skin looks polished,” McGrath says. You can also apply it to bare eyelids as a subtle eye-shadow.

Finished! Go forth and light up every room you walk into.