The 9 Things Lawn Brands Do That Irk Us And Need to Stop

The 9 Things Lawn Brands Do That Irk Us And Need to Stop

Lawn that was once ignored as the lesser of the fabrics has valiantly risen as a force to be reckoned with. For a country that harbors hot temperatures for good 10 months of the year definitely deserves a lighter fabric. Here are 9 things that we want all lawn brands to stop doing for a more convenient and easy breezy summer!

Giving a ton of patches

Patchwork has been so overdone. It adds costs of being appliqued and requires more aftercare. Yes, there should be festive options for more formal usage, but the brands should try to have embellishments and embroidery that is more convenient.

Being miserly with the cloth

The use or abuse of un-stitched fabric should be at the consumer’s discretion. There have been so many times that I’ve run out of length on my shirts. At least the premier brands that people pay big bucks for shouldn’t be stingy in this.

Pairing the same trouser with every dress

Honestly, how many white and black trousers can you expect one to have? Pairing every dress with either a white or a black trouser can get a little boring at times!

Naming the collections fancy names that people can’t even pronounce

Until and unless you’re selling your lawn jhoras to French people, there’s absolutely no need to give such elaborate names to your collection that your target audience can’t even pronounce. Try exploring the languages spoken in your own country maybe?

Being repetitive

To be very honest, we’re tired of seeing the same color schemes and prints being repeated again and again. I’ve seen so many brands literally copy a design they did a few years ago and just change the color scheme a little, NOT COOL.

See through fabric

I mean what’s the point of wearing lawn if you have to wear a camisole under it?

Trying too hard to be inclusive

When it comes to inclusivity in Pakistan, it’s either zero or a hundred, with nothing in between. About time these brands take a good look at their target audience and realize that you don’t need to go all out on blackface. All people asked for was inclusion of people of all colors, shapes and sizes, but nope. Its either a pale model or blackface, its either a really chubby model or an almost starved one, whatever happened to the normal body types that fall in between?

Unrealistic stitching

Imagine buying a dress solely because of the way it looks in pictures, flare-y, long, having 20 panels, oooof! And then ending up with barely enough kapra to make a normal length shirt. If you’re giving away 2.5m or 2.75m cloth, stop advertising designs that require triple the amount of fabric.

Shooting against white back drops

You’re charging so much from the customers, the least you can do is put some effort into the location that you’re shooting your campaign at. Shooting against a white back drop looks bland and takes away from the clothes.