Styling a Midi Skirt

Styling a Midi Skirt

If you look into the history of women fashion and clothing, the skirt has been around for as long as one can recall.

In fact, in the prehistoric time and even many years after that, men used to adorn this garment too. Pants came into the picture much later and were the result of a need for a garment which was much easier to wear on a horseback, since the skirt just was not fit for the job.

With the change and development of civilizations and cultures, there was also a change in the garments worn by people. The ‘skirt’ and the way it has been worn has experienced a fair share of these changes too.

From pleated, to peplum, to A-line to Flare and Tutu, there are so many different styles and designs of skirts at our disposal at this time. But we here, are mainly going to focus on the classic, and what some would call, the modest, Midi Skirt.

Midi skirts come just below the knee or mid-calf and have recently come back in style. You can see lots of celebrities, fashion icons, style gurus and just random people on the street sporting this particular garment.

Here are a number of ways you can up your outfits game by incorporating this piece into your closet.

Mix and Match:

Wear a printed skirt, with a plain form fitting shirt. The idea is to avert the gaze to the skirt first, rather than to any other thing.

That is why, choose a shirt that is not just free of any sort of print or pattern, but also is of a neutral color. If you are wearing a dark skirt, go for a light shirt. It is as simple as that.

Long Coat:

Choose a coat that is long enough to cover almost the same area of your legs as your skirt.

You do not want a short one that stops way before the skirt has started or even mid-way. The longer coat will give you a taller look. Pair it with some ankle boots or wedges and you are good to go.

Accessorize accordingly:

Choose one statement piece, either a hat or a scarf, or maybe even some noticeably large jewelry and match it to your skirt of choice.

For instance, a red skirt with a red scarf and everything else of the same (or similar) color. Avoid using many different colors because you do not want too much going on at the same time, as it may look overwhelming.

Puffy sleeves:

Recreate the reformation period clothing if you still think your soul belongs to the Victorian era, with this look.

Pick a shirt of your choice, preferably one that resonates more with the style of those times, such as one with Puffy sleeves and a collar and wear it with a simple, classic, dark colored midi skirt.

Over-sized sweater:

One might think that since a skirt itself is flared, pairing it up with a chunky sweater might not be a good idea.

Sure, comfort is good, but the sort that makes you look like you are wearing clothes two sizes too big, is that worth it? Well, yes. Seeking comfort does not mean you have to compensate on your personal style.

Both can go hand in hand; as is exemplified by this particular look. Tuck your over-sized sweater into the skirt and wrap around a belt to cinch in your waist and to still let the figure show.