Step by Step Process of Registering NGOs in Pakistan

Step by Step Process of Registering NGOs in Pakistan

Establishing and working with non-governmental organizations is one incredible way of helping the community and the focus targeted attention toward areas which generally get ignored by the establishments. It is important to note that all such organizations must be first registered with the government under the 1961 ordinance, an ordinance which provides for the registration and control of social welfare agencies. There is a whole protocol which must followed in order to get one’s welfare organization registered officially. So, if you have been looking for one comprehensive guide regarding this, the article below explains the complete registration process of NGOs in Pakistan.

  • Step 1: Fulfill the ‘member count’ requirement

Make sure that your society has enough members. The government of Pakistan has set a limit of a minimum of 20 members for each organization, of which at least 7 must be office bearers. It must be noted that anything below this is not acceptable, and would lead to the possible rejection of your application. Therefore, it must be ensured that you meet this requirement before heading to the respective authority for registration.

  • Step 2: Complete your documents

There is a whole list of required documents that must be completed for successful certification. The list is stated below: –

  1. Two signed copies of the NGO’s Constitution
  2. Two signed copies of the Form B
  3. Two attested copies of each member’s CNIC, which includes office bearers/ executive members and general body members. The attestation must be done at the hands of a gazetted officer.
  4. Two copies of a duly signed list of mobile phone numbers of all the office bearers of your NGO.
  5. A formal list of the names of all the general members of your society. The list must include at least 20 members.
  6. According to the concerned Ordinance, two copies of the ‘Minutes of Meeting’ of the first meeting of the members of the society must also be provided.
  7. The complete office address, Office pad, website, telephone, fax number, email address and lease agreement / ownership proof of the office of the organization must be provided as well.
  8. Mobile phone numbers and email addresses of all the office bearers/ executive members of the society must be provided as well.
  • Step 3: Memorandum of Association

The registration authorities also demand that two copies of Memorandum of Association be prepared. These copies must be signed by all the members of the society.

  • Step 4: Article of Association of the Society

The Article of Association of the society seeking registration must also be duly prepared. It does not have to be signed by each member of the society. Rather, only the executive members are required to sign it (at least 3).

  • Step 5: Minutes of Meeting

The minutes of meeting of the first general body meeting must be duly prepared and recorded. Although only a record of the first meeting is required by the registration authorities, the organization must keep a record of all the meetings in the future as well, according to the 1961 ordinance.

  • Step 6: Office Requirement

The organization must have a office. This office must be located in a commercial area.

  • Step 7: Registration Fee

A registration fee of PKR 500/- must be deposited in the National Bank of Pakistan through a challan Form under the head of Account C-03818-Other receipt fee for Registration of Societies under Societies Registration Act, 1860 (138).

  • Step 8: Annual Reports

The Register Joint Stock Companies must be provided with yearly audit reports, annual progress, list of bank accounts, updated phone number list of executive members. This is to avoid legal proceedings.

The list above comprehensively highlights all the processes that must be undertaken for complete registration under the 1961 Ordinance. This list is referenced from the website of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration and the official record of ORDINANCE No. XLVI OF 1961.