Sporting a Plain White T-Shirt with Style

Sporting a Plain White T-Shirt with Style

Do you ever wish that you could put together an outfit in an instant and look cute and feel comfortable without having to put in any effort whatsoever? Or, do you find yourself wanting to pack light but ending up with three bags full of clothes all of which are, as you like to tell yourself, essential for the trip?

If your answer to either one or both was a yes, then we have the perfect solution for you. All you need is a plain white T shirt.

Yep, that is all. Well, not literally, but you can readily cut down on the number of clothing items filling your closet and your bag which do not ever get a chance to be worn.

The versatility of a plain white T shirt is actually quite bewildering and once you piece together an outfit, you will most likely be surprised to find what wonders this one item of clothing can do.

Here is how!


Of course the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a plain white T shirt is its absolute lack of detail.

But that does not decrease its importance or worth in any way. Pair it up with black high wasted jeans (or dark wash denim) and tuck the front in to give a taller appearance. Wear Aviators or Lennon lenses as an accessory.

T Shirt Dress:

T shirt dresses are all the rage these days, with Kylie Jenner providing us ample outfit inspiration by wearing them on a casual Sunday or at a glamorous party.

A large sized T shirt worn over thigh high boots is quite the look. If you want to look more put together, wear a corset or lace belt on top.


White T shirts are not just casual lounge wear. Make it look chic by wearing a skirt and tucking the shirt in.

Try to go for darker colored skirts such as navy blue, emerald green or the classic black. If you want to show a little bit of your party side, you can always pair it up with an animal print skirt.

All White:

If you are someone who gets super conscious and uncomfortable wearing all white, lest it gets stained, then you might want to stick to the other options in the list; for the brave of the heart, try going for an all-white look.

White pants, white T-shirt (tucked in of course), white sandals or boots, depending on the weather and your preference. To tie the whole look together, use a neutral colored belt to cinch your waist and disrupt the monotony in a subtle way.

Under a slip dress:

Slip dresses can be both cute and sexy, totally depending on the vibe that you are going for.

In this case, wear a white T shirt under a plain slip dress of a darker color, to provide the contrast and make the details on the neckline of the dress stand out against the white.

Finish the look with a messy top knot and there we go, a whole cute look with barely any effort.

Palazzo everyday:

The possibilities with this are endless. With palazzos coming in an array of colors, designs and details, you can finally put all those comfy trousers to good use.

With the plainness of the white neutralizing the party going on the trouser, you don’t even have to worry about looking overdressed.

Work appropriate:

Lunch with a client, running late for a meeting or just want to feel comfortable because you have a long day ahead in the office? Worry not, the White T shirt has got you covered.

Throw on a blazer with the right pants, boom! A brand new, work appropriate outfit. Pants are not your thing? Worry not, substitute them for a skirt. Who knew something as casual as this could be worn in the office too?