Snooker in Pakistan


Snooker is an indoor game comprising of a table hosting multiple balls including the cue ball. The cue ball is the main ball of the game as no other ball can be struck by the player. Aiming to lead the other balls on the table towards the holes, the cur ball must be struck with precise force and proper aim. The red ball needs to be pocketed first before targeting any other colored ball.

The table used for snooker has six pockets made at the edges and the middle of the table. Pocketing a ball earns the player points while missing the ball can cause the opponent to be at an advantage. The red balls each reward the player 15 points and both the players are expected to clear the table of all the red balls before moving to the coloured balls of their choice. Just like the red balls, each coloured ball also has points associated to them with yellow being the worth 2 points. While yellow causes the player to earn the least points, pocketing the black ball often earns the player 7 pints. The winner of the game is declared upon the comparison of the balls pocketed by each player. The player with greater points tends to be the winner.

The maximum points which can be earned upon a snooker table are 147 if the player is able to pocket the red and black balls alternatively. The game takes place amongst two players and a frame of snooker has multiple games. In order to be declared as the winner of the frame, the player must have the highest score via pocketing balls and fouls after the table has been cleared.

Snooker is amongst the prevailing and a commonly played indoor sport and has given Pakistan significant players. Pakistan Billiards and Snooker federation is the current governing body of the game which has been able to organize multiple snooker series in the country. The 2012 Asian 6 red ball championship was also held in Karachi under the supervision of the federation and the championship had international players competing. The federation has been able to form a strong bong with the International Billiards and Snooker Federation. The Pakistani federation has impressed the international snooker federations by the talent possessed by their players to such an extent that the international federation stated “Pakistan is the land of World snooker Champions”.

Muhammad Yousuf is amongst the famous names of snooker players in Pakistan. He is the winner of the 1994 IBSF World Snooker Championship, 2006 IBSF World Masters Championship, and 1998 ACBS Asian Snooker Championship. Muhammad Yousuf was able to outshine many international players at various championships and bring back trophies to the country. The glory bestowed upon Pakistan with the achievements of Muhammad Yousuf allowed the country to form a firm hold in the sport community.

The game is famous as compared to out in door games as it is often played in snooker clubs and various other clubs. The clubs tend to allow the players to try various new tactics before forming the perfect one and working upon their skills. With rules being extremely simple, the training of the game is merely the practice and the continuous involvement in the game. The frequent competition with different players allows the individual to assess the game and form their tactic while considering their strengths. The game tends to challenge the concentration span of the player. The aim and the way the player tends to change the force with which they strike the cue ball in order to pocket the ball are also tested greatly during the match.