Six Tips to Boost Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

Six Tips to Boost Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is the best way one can share their story with a large mass and become funded financially without many hassles.

However, launching a crowdfunding campaign and making it a big hit won’t be as easy as it sounds. No matter which way you take you have to have strategies and well-equipped plans to reach out to donors and convince them to take suitable action for your project.

With the rising competition in the internet world, you need to follow these 6 tips to boost your next crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Choose a Suitable Platform:

Choosing the right platform can be a game changer itself. Before launching your campaign research well to find out which platform suits your need.

The expenses will vary from one platform to other if you choose a customizable one and there will be additional fees while withdrawing the payments.

  1. Set a Deadline:

It is very important to create a sense of urgency among your donors. Researchers have found out that providing parameters on campaigns increase the collection of funds. Setting a deadline will encourage your donors to act faster before the campaign ends.

Consider this example. If you are raising funds for a poor patient who needs to pay for his surgery then you need to set a date almost a week earlier and explain to people how important it is to donate within this due time to save an innocent life.

Even if you are not hurried you should still practice this because it will keep your team proactive. Make sure you use your cause-related metrics to find out the approximate time needed to accomplish your fundraising goal.

  1. Engage your Supporters:

When supporters register to your campaign provide each one of them a “toolkit” to help them act as the fundraisers themselves. This toolkit will contain copy-and-paste contents, statistics, and images related to your cause which your supporters will be sharing on social media platforms.

It would be your responsibility to make sure that all the contents are tailored for Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to generate interest and attract more people to your campaign.

Encourage your supporters to share their own content related to your cause to make this process even more interesting and show them how much you value them. You may make friendly calls; send texts or emails to give them effective tips.

  1. Unleash the Power of Seven Touches:

Business and Marketing experts have found out that customers would like to come to your touch on an average of seven times before they decide to buy your products.

The same rule is also applicable for fundraising. Your donors will need to see your campaign adverts seven times before they donate to your cause.

Make sure you market your social media posts and emails vigorously, make frequent phone calls and publish a wide range of articles to capture your target.

Even if you have to beg to people creating more and more contacts within a short span of time is really important to make your campaign a big hit.

  1. Use the Facebook/Instagram Live Tool:

Having eye contacts with people or showing your face to them will make you more trustworthy and building trust at this stage is crucial for your campaign.

Use the Instagram or Facebook live tool to go live more often and highlight the significance of your campaign. The more you do it, the better.

  1. Say ‘Thank you’:

Once your campaign is a big hit make sure you thank your donors individually by sending them emails, notes or small gifts. You may even make a phone to show your gratitude.

This will certainly build a fertile relationship with your donors and next time when you launch a campaign this strong connection will give you fruitful results.