Prominent Names of Pakistan who are Successfully Running World’s Top B2B Portals

Prominent Names of Pakistan who are Successfully Running World's Top B2B Portals

Despite the prevailing belief that Pakistan is a land of talent with no opportunities, we witness various successful entrepreneurs who are challenging this perception. While the success stories of famous entrepreneurs flood our timeline almost every day, there are a plethora of startups that got plummet to the ground before they had a chance to fly. Under the light of such circumstances, these young entrepreneurs were able to amass a considerable fortune by relying on their skills and their choice to learn to fly through errors and trial.

Ever wonder who makes it to the list of Pakistan’s most famous entrepreneurs? Today I’m sharing a list featuring Pakistan’s most eminent entrepreneurs. It is the parable of successful entrepreneurs who clearly had the enthusiasm to claw their way up to the crown.

Junaid Mansoor:

Junaid Mansoor is the CEO and founder of, which is a global trading company established in 2006 for worldwide exporting and importing. Prior to this project, Junaid Mansoor availed the opportunity to be a part of the other well-known projects like “Website in a box” and “” He is considered to be a Pakistan business magnate. He can be regarded as a technology entrepreneur who played a crucial role in the massive success of e-commerce as the CEO of TradeKey. Under his guidance, Tradekey became one of the largest retail platforms that spanned over 240 countries. Furthermore, he has been featured in the international and local media on multiple occasions as an experienced innovator and skilled leader. Junaid Mansoor is the inspiration behind many young entrepreneurs today.

Kamran Zuberi:

You probably recognize Kamran Zuberi’s name, since he is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the digital field. He didn’t accumulate his success to the luck but hard work and constant perseverance. He started his journey as an IT Manager at and then furthered his contribution to the industry as founder and partner for, an E-commerce business that sells nutritional supplements and beauty & cosmetics products through digital channels. It wasn’t until he decided to become the Head of Marketing, Sales, and Service at Tradekey that he commenced to create a legacy that would last. He is also known for his immense contributions in the foundation of

Noman Javed:

Noman Javed started his career with Customer Service industry after completing his Bachelors from Sir Syed University in computer Engineering. You may not have been familiar with his name, but if you have worked in the e-commerce industry, then you have certainly indulged with one of his projects. Now a very influential and one of the most polished entrepreneurs of the modern times, Noman Javed has been a part of various extremely successful e-commerce projects including and Eventually, after getting these websites going, he found his way to lay the foundation for the most influential online marketplace, From there, he later launched a subsidiary with the title, a vertical trading platform that caters to the requirements of beauty and personal care industry. These platforms provide room for all SMEs and large enterprises to meet and interact with their prospect customers under friendly atmosphere. Noman Javed’s contributions are not limited to e-commerce industry only; he further established Applet technologies a platform that aims to provide digital marketing services. Noman attended various international conferences and trade shows where he represented Pakistan and is keen to keep adding value to the industry through his knowledge and experience.

Irfan Iqbal:

Executive Vice President of Irfan Iqbal is well-known in the E-commerce industry consequent to his exceptional contributions towards the electronic market. Irfan Iqbal native of Pakistan received his ACMA degree from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan. Currently, he is enrolled in MBA marketing from Institute of Business Administration (IBA). He started as head of finance for TradeKey in 2006 and rose to the position of Executive Vice President in August 2015. With the aim to encourage and assist fellow entrepreneurs, later, he proceeded to lay the foundation for, another popular online trading website.

Some Other B2B Projects by Pakistani Entrepreneurs that Couldn’t Flourish:

The platform Tradebanq was devised with the same objective as other thriving B2B marketplaces, to establish and facilitate international trade. It was a Pakistan based online portal that would have catered to worldwide buyers and suppliers, unfortunately despite all the efforts the platform wasn’t able to take the up route. Various technical and financial issues were blamed for its collapse. Ahmed Sabih was the key person behind the foundation of Tradebanq.

The project was owned by pearl shine group international. A venture capitalist with adequate expertise in the field of electronic trade, Farhan Ghouri was regarded as the backbone for this project. This platform was instituted to help the trading community of Pakistan and world by formulating easy to use interface with cost-effective and time-effective traits. Sad to admit, regardless of all the attempts to save the projects, financial deficiencies became too much juggle with and resulted in the collapse of a platform with huge potential.

Guest Post Contributor: Neha Khan