Pictures of Top Beauty Influencers With and Without Makeup

Pictures of Top Beauty Influencers With and Without Makeup

The online beauty community is full of influencers who made names for themselves solely based on their ability to apply makeup in ways that don’t seem humanly possible.

These largely self-taught artists — like James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Jaclyn Hill — now have millions of followers on multiple social platforms and their own cosmetics lines. It’s no surprise, however, that fans wonder what their favorite beauty gurus look like without their signature beat faces.

Luckily for those curious fans, we did some digging and found rare makeup-free pics of the most popular beauty vloggers in the game. So, keep scrolling to see your favorite beauty vloggers without makeup. Spoiler alert: they are still flawless.

1. James Charles

Love him or hate him, there is no denying that James Charles looks just as fabulous in a full face of makeup, or showing off his freckles in a morning selfie.

2. Jaclyn Hill

It’s not often that Jaclyn Hill shows off her makeup-free face on social media, but when she does, we still can’t get over her flawless complexion.

“Cleaning & organizing today! Feels so good to be fresh faced and focus on myself & my home,” she captioned this no makeup moment on Twitter in 2015.

3. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is always experimenting with different looks, but on occasion, the self-proclaimed alien does take it all off for his subscribers, as seen above in this YouTube video.

4. Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager always keeps it real with her followers. Along with going makeup free, Nikkie recently opened up about her 50-pound weight loss.

“When I hit a point in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle where I feel like nothing’s changing I take a trip down memory lane and remind myself of how far I’ve come,” she wrote. “Sometimes YOU have to be YOUR OWN inspiration.”

5. Manny Gutierrez

It looks like someone used a makeup-free photo of Manny to catfish users on a dating app, but it was the age assigned to his fake profile that got Manny up in arms.

“Catfishing with my pics is one thing… but 43?!?!?!? I’m calling the police and on hold with my lawyer,” he jokingly captioned a screenshot of the profile.

6. Huda Kattan

For Huda, self-care is just as important as looking good on the outside, which she explained (makeup free and fabulous) in a YouTube video.

“I shot this video bc it really got me thinking about how we all go through the same things and feel the same things,” she explained. “I hope that if share my struggles it will give you strength, to know you’re not alone in feeling this way. I love you guys so much.”

7. Tati Westbrook

Even before her highly publicized feud with James Charles, Tati has always kept it 100 with her followers — and that includes photos of herself looking au naturel.

8. Jackie Aina

With over 3 million followers on YouTube, Jackie for honest and raw makeup reviews and tutorials. And yes, her face is just as flawless without makeup.

9. Rachel Claire Levin

The face behind RCL beauty is known for keeping her makeup on the more natural side anyways.

10. Dulce Candy

Yes, that winged eyeliner is literally perfection, but Dulce is just as perfect without her signature glam looks. Along with taking it all off for cameras, Dulce has also opened up about her struggles with fertility with her followers.

“We did it! We retrieved 26 eggs this morning,” she recently captioned a photo in the hospital. “So grateful to have my husband, my doctor, his team and all of YOU with me through this time.”

11. Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins starts off most of makeup tutorial videos without any makeup — and before and after, she is still stunning.

12. Christen Dominique

Christen needs to share her skincare routine more often with her 1 million followers.

13. Nikita Dragun

The Mother of Dragons of the beauty world would be the first to drag her makeup-free photos, but we still think she has been a cutie since day one.