Pakistan’s Fatima Irfan Wins Gold Medal in Jiu-Jitsu Cup

Pakistan's Fatima Irfan Wins Gold Medal in Jiu-Jitsu Cup

Pakistan claimed 6th position in the World Universities Jiu-Jitsu Cup 2019.

Fatima Irfan won gold and silver medal helping Pakistan claim sixth spot in the championship. University students from across the globe participated in the contest organized by the International Jiu-Jitsu Federation, in Thailand.

Following a terrific performance, Fatima bagged gold medal in Ne-Waza’s 57-kg category. She also won a silver medal in Duo Classic Mixed category in which her partner was Dilawar Khan.

Pakistan’s Dilawar Khan and Muhammad Ali Rasheed earned third position in duo classic men’s category, winning a silver medal. Dilawar Khan also succeeded in winning a silver medal in the 77 kg event of Ne-Waza men’s category.

Thailand, the host country won the World Cup. Uzbekistan earned second while Kazakhstan secured third position.

This is the first time Pakistani players participated in an international sports event featuring universities.

Pakistan Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s President, Khalil Ahmed Khan and several others congratulated the winners and commended the efforts of the Association’s Secretary, Tariq Ali, in ensuring the participation of the aforementioned athletes.

The Pakistan team is due to return today (Monday).