Mango – Five incredible Home Remedies for Skin


Mango is the national fruit of Pakistan. Every Pakistani desperately waits for summers so that they can get mangoes. It has many types and each one of them tastes delicious. They are also good for one’s health, providing important nutrition required by one’s body. In addition to this, mangoes also serve to be really beneficial for your skin. There are many home remedies that use mangoes for skin betterment and they are quite very effective as well. Following are five such remedies that you must try out.


Mangoes can be used for exfoliation that helps remove the dead cells on your face and brings up natural softness. All you need to have is one table spoon mango pulp, one table spoon organic honey and one table spoon of milk. Mix these ingredients well and then scrub it on your face. Leave it like that for about ten minutes. Then, rinse it off with cold water. You will feel your skin instantly becoming much softer and fresh. Regular use can have very positive results.

For glowing skin

Mangoes have natural anti tanning properties. Other than this, it also contains vitamins that help fight against inflammation and sun burns. To appropriately use mangoes for a glowing skin, you need to have one tablespoon of mango pulp, two teaspoons of wheat flour and one teaspoon of organic Honey. Mix these ingredients until a paste is formed. Apply this paste on your face and the sun affected areas for about fifteen minutes. Rinse it off by normal water. If you apply it regularly, your skin will become glowing.

Removes Tan

You may like to have a tan skin; however, it can lead to skin ageing, and worse yet, cancer. Therefore, having an effective remedy against tan skin is necessary to know. Again, mango serves as a great anti tan ingredient. All you need to have is one tablespoon of mango pulp, two tablespoon of besan, two teaspoons of grounded almonds and one teaspoon of honey. Mix these ingredients well until a thick paste is formed. Apply it all over your face and wait for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. Use this remedy three times a week to have effective results.

For soft skin

There are many natural ingredients that can be used to make our skin look much better. Mixing these ingredients appropriately helps give greater positive results. An example of it is the use of two tablespoon of mango pulp, one tablespoon of oats, two teaspoon raw milk and three to four grounded almonds. If you mix these ingredients together, you get a paste that can be applied on your face as a face pack for about fifteen minutes. Scrub it off and then wash your face with normal water. You will surely notice your skin glowing after a few days.

For acne

Everyone hates acne. People with an oily skin are very vulnerable to acne. The worst part is that even if the acne goes away, it leaves behind marks. However, there is a home remedy that can be used to fight against not only acne but acne marks as well. Extract pulp from a ripe mango; add 2 tablespoon of curd and 2 teaspoons of honey in it. These ingredients help remove dead skin cells from your face, hence removing acne, and bring a younger and fresher face. You just need to apply this mixture on your face for fifteen minutes and then wash it away. You will surely feel visible difference on your face after a few weeks.