List of Universities Offering MIT Program in Lahore


Masters in Information Technology (MIT) is a prestigious, competitive program. The demand for experts in the field of Information Technology is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, it is safe to say that the graduates in this field have higher chances at getting employed at reputable firms, within the country and abroad.

Since Lahore is one of the oldest cities in the region, it has seen more development than most of the other places. The development can be classified under several categories, including education. Many acknowledged institutions in the city offer the MIT degree. The list which follows identifies some of the top schools offering the program:

  1. The University of Punjab, PU

The University of Punjab is the oldest public, research university of Pakistan, established by the British in the 19th century. The school covers a huge expanse of land. Not only this, but also the university has several campuses around the country, including Gujranwala and Jhelum. In fact, Lahore itself is home to two campuses of PU.

Currently, approximately 30,000 students attend Punjab University. This huge number should not be mistaken for the lack of competitiveness. In reality, the school is one of the most competitive universities, and has a very high merit every year. Due to this, the acceptance rate is greatly reduced.

PU has a total of 13 faculties and 63 academic departments functioning under them. Several degrees at the levels of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate are offered, in the fields of pure sciences, computer science, information technology, humanities and business administration. In 2012, the university was ranked first among large sized multiple faculty institutions by the HEC. It is also a member of the association of Common Wealth Universities, United Kingdom.

PU also boasts the association of two Nobel laureates in former staff and alumni.

  1. Minhaj University, MU

MU was established in 1986, as a project of the Education and Welfare Organization, Minhaj-ul-Quran. However, it was not until the year 2005 when Minhaj University was allowed the status of a degree awarding institution by the government. Currently, the university has three campuses around Lahore, in Model Town, Gulburg and Township.  MU also offers on-campus residence to its attendees, and has 3 hostels (two male, one female) built to cater students from other cities.

MU has several functioning faculties, including the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, Faculty of Basic Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, and several others. Independent schools work under these faculties.

  1. Imperial College of Business Studies, ICBS

Imperial College of Business Studies was established in 1991, by the Pakistan Benevolence and Social Management Trusts. The initial development of the institution was done in accordance to and in collaboration with the University of Hull, United Kingdom. In 2002, the institution was chartered by the government of Punjab as an independent degree awarding university.

Currently, the ICBS offers degrees and programs in Engineering, Management Sciences, Computer Science, Information Technology, Applied Sciences, Medicine, etc. Given the number of programs, one can safely say that it’s a highly multidisciplinary university.

  1. The Superior University, SU

It is a private university in Lahore, chartered by the government of Punjab as a degree awarding institution. SU is recognized and accredited by the HEC as well.

SU is known for focusing on research and development through its research centers. Two of the various centers are the Atif Qadeer Center for Research & Development and the Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development.

The university has several collaborations and is associated with many foreign renowned schools for higher education, including the University of Columbia and the Concordia University Wisconsin.