List of Universities Offering Finance Degree in Peshawar

List of Universities Offering Finance Degree in Peshawar

Finance is a highly popular professional course across the globe. The demand of people, who graduated in this field, just seems to be ever-growing and that too at unprecedented rates. On top of that, it has been seen that employees of this domain earn more than their contemporaries. All of these combine to make Finance degrees very attractive, and high in demand. To meet this increasing pressure, one can see that several notable universities across the countries of the world, and of course Pakistan as well, have invested hefty sums to provide competitive Finance programs. This article looks at and identifies some of the top Schools that offer this degree in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber PakhtunKhwa.

1. Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, IMSciences

Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, IMSciences

IMSciences is a degree-granting, public, self-governing institution, which was established in 1995. It was founded using elements of the University of Peshawar by the government itself. Chartered by the government of Khyber PakhtunKhwa (KPK), this university is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) as the fourth best business school of the country, and the best business school in the entire province. This is owed to the fact that the institution strives hard, and puts in tremendous effort in assuring quality, excellence in teaching and research work. It is because of these factors that the popularity of the School extends beyond the borders of the province, and attracts students from all over the country.
IMSciences offers degrees in Management Sciences, Finance and Accounting and Social Sciences. It also provides a split-site PhD. Programme in affiliation with the Management School at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom.

2. BRAINS Institute, BRAINS

BRAINS Institute, BRAINS - List of Universities Offering Finance Degree in Peshawar

BRAINS identifies itself as an educational institution of excellence, which aims to open minds, nurture thought leaders, and enable its students the ability to be cognizant of the dynamics of this world. With the fair and competitive educational environment that it provides, it strives to allow its pupils a well-rounded experience and an all-rounded personality development. BRAINS stands for research, integrity and merit, and abides by its mission statement and vision. Owing to these factors, this University is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, and has been accredited by various other institutions, like the PCP, PEC and the NBEAC.
There are various different, focused departments at the School, including Technology, Engineering, Management Sciences, Information Technology and Humanities.
Under the department of Management Sciences, functions the School of Accounting and Finance, which offers several Finance related joint majors, e.g. Accounting and Finance and Finance and Technology.

3. City University of Science and Information Technology. CUSIT

City University of Science and Information Technology. CUSIT

CUSIT is a private sector university, chartered by the provincial government at Khyber PakhtunKhwa, and established back in the year 1979. It has been recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) as an independent degree awarding institution.
As an extension to the Peshawar Model Educational Institutes, CUSIT aims to “impart quality education”, so that its students may be able to grow not only professionally, but also intellectually. Its purpose is to enable and empower its pupils, to motivate them to make significant positive contributions to the society they live in, and the societies that are external to them. It strives hard to instill in its students the abilities to tackle challenges, and develop creative and critical thinking skills. This, it does by providing new and advance learning opportunities to its attendees.
The University provides highly competitive programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in various different fields of education. Under its Business department, CUSIT allows a highly competitive BS degree in Accounting and Finance. This programme has been identified by several institutions all across the country.