List of Top 5 Entertainment Websites of Pakistan


Entertainment binds people together and brings them under one single roof in a good way. It bonds the entire family together because in this era when people are living a super fast life the family only manages to get a small amount of time to spend with each other. Entertainment in this case ensures that the time spent is rich in quality rather than quantity.

Entertainment impacts our mind positively as it frees us from tensions and anxiety for a certain period of time. Our attention is diverted for a time being from our demanding and hectic lives. Entertainment provides us amusement in our leisure time and frees us from ultimate boredom.

To cut it short, entertainment is fun, enjoyable and pleasurable. Entertainment can take various forms including music, drama, storytelling, movie, sports, fashion, dance and traditional performances. Entertainment brings happiness, which is a beneficial medicine for our health and wellbeing.

1. Viral Entertainment Guru

Being the new entertainment portal in Pakistan, Viral Entertainment Guru intends to provide useful content on almost every category. From showbiz information to useful beauty tips to sports industry of Pakistan, Viral Entertainment Guru will tell you everything. Though the platform is new in the industry, it has already managed to gain attention through its useful articles and social media engagement.

The aim of Viral Entertainment Guru is to become the premium entertainment site of Pakistan where all kinds of users find relevant information regarding our country Pakistan.

2. EbuzzToday

When it comes to some buzzing news of Pakistan, the EbuzzToday is the best bet you have in your pocket. With the tagline Premium source of Entertainment news, this website is well known as the fastest and most reliable website for each and every update on entertainment. Almost thousands of people around the globe login their website for updates, reviews and much more.

However, Ebuzz Today has earned its reputation due to fashion updates. It is the best site to look for recent updates about the fashion industry of Pakistan in the shortest span of time.


For Pakistani drama lovers, Reviewit is the best website. They have reviewed almost every drama very decently. The reviews are quite helpful and you will know exactly what to watch which worth your time. You will also get the most updated news about the celebrities and recent event on Showbiz on the website. Reviewit has introduced Pakistani dramas to many viewers who were totally unaware about them.

4. PakiUM

Since 2006, PakiUM has been promoting Pakistani musicians and talent. It’s been 12 years now that they are promoting more than 1000 underground bands and musicians through their portal. It is a reliable media, bringing all the new updates on the local entertainment and media industry. This platform supports the young, upcoming and underground musicians, talented young photographers and aspiring film-makers wholeheartedly and allows them to showcase their talent. People love PakiUM for their amazing news updates and contribution to uplift the new Pakistani music, talent, and bands in the country.

5. Secret Closet

Secret Closet reveals each and every fashion trend, secrets and tips. You will find what will suit you, what’s new in the closet or what are trending right now and the latest collections etc. You will also know about several fashion designers of Pakistan. It is the best site for the fashion conscious people who would love to pay any price rate to buy designer clothes because Secret closet is also an e-commerce site. People all around the world visit this website everyday to know about the latest Pakistani trends and fashion.