List of Top 40 Valleys of Pakistan


Pakistan has been blessed with many beautiful valleys, most of which are still unexplored. Whether you’re a local, national or a foreign tourist, you’ll be surprised to find out what valleys lie in Pakistan. Here is a list of top 40 valleys of Pakistan, and all the tourist attractions that will urge you to go and have your dream vacation:

  1. Kaghan Valley

  • Location: Mansehra, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Snowy Mountains, Green meadows
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Lulusar Lake, Lake Saif-Ul-Malook. Camping, trekking, fishing.
  1. Swat Valley

  • Location: Malakand Division, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Swat River,
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Mingora, Malam Jabba, Takht-e-Bahi, Saidu Shareef, Marghazar Valley.
  1. Kalam Valley

  • Location: Swat, KPK
  • Significant scenery:
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: These include Matiltan forest, Falaksair mountain spot, Utror Hill station, Gabral hill station
  1. Bishigram Valley

  • Location: KPK
  • Significant scenery: Wide pastures, camp sites.
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Bishigram River, camping, fishing, and trekking
  1. Jarogo Valley

  • Location: Swat valley ranges, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Jarogo waterfall, Waterfalls
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Fishing, trekking and mountain climbing.
  1. Ushu Valley

  • Location: Besides Kalam, KPK
  • Significant scenery: cool weather, White clouds
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: forest of Ushu, Mahodand Lake, camp sites
  1. Leepa Valley

  • Location: Azad Kashmir
  • Significant scenery: Wide pastures, mountains, wooden huts, fruit orchards
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Fishing, horseback riding
  1. Samahni Valley

  • Location: LOC, Azad Kashmir
  • Significant scenery: Overlooks Line of Control in India and Pakistan
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Baghsar fort. Mughal court and Baghsar Lake
  1. Banjosa Valley

  • Location: near Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir
  • Significant scenery: wooden houses, mountains, pine trees
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Banjosa Lake, fishing, swimming, boating
  1. Jhelum Valley

  • Location: Beside Jhelum River, Azad Kashmir
  • Significant scenery: green trees, snowy mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Zilzaal Lake, Chakothi, Awan Patti, Jhelum River, Hattian Bala and Chinari
  1. Neelam Valley

  • Location: Muzaffarabad
  • Significant scenery: Green and snowy mountains, fresh and azure flow of river.
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: trekking, horseback riding, bonfires, exploring, fishing. Upper Wadi-e-Neelam, Lower Wadi-e-Neelam
  1. Shounter Valley

  • Location: Neelam valley, Azad Kashmir
  • Significant scenery:
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Shounter River, Chitta Kattha Lake, Fishing, Boating, Trekking And Horseback Ride
  1. Astore Valley/ Gorikot valley

  • Location: Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery:
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Rama Lake, Astore polo ground, polo festival, Astore Bazaar
  1. Rama Valley

  • Location: Astore valley, Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery: Green meadows, White river, cold mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Astore River, trekking and camping site
  1. Shigar Valley

  • Location: Extreme North of Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery: Apple orchards and fruit farms, ice-clad tips of mountains.
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Shigar Shrine, Shigar Mosque and Blind Lake Shigar
  1. Gilgit Valley

  • Location: Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery: Green mountains, azure water flow of river, sprinkling streams, waterfalls.
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Kargah Nala, Gilgit River and Chinar Gardens
  1. Hunza Valley

  • Location: Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery: Vast pastures, green fields, snow covered mountains, trekking routes.
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Altit and Baltit Forts Sost Border Eagle Nest Duikar, Borith Lake, Gulmit, Attabad Lake, Rakaposhi Peak, and Karimabad Bazaar. Horseback Riding, Trekking, And Camping.
  1. Nagar Valley

  • Location: Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery: Rakaposhi Mountains; the Golden Peaks.
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Rush Lake, Hopar Attabad Lake, Hopar glaciers.
  1. Skardu Valley

  • Location: Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery:
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Mantokha Fall, Satpara Lake, Cold Desert, Deosai Plains, Soak Nala and more.
  1. Quetta Valley

  • Location: Balochistan
  • Significant scenery: Bounded by mountains throughout
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Mian Ghundi Forest, Askari Park, Quetta Fort, Hanna Lake, Hanna waterfall and Qilla Miri.
  1. Urak Valley

  • Location: Quetta, Balochistan
  • Significant scenery: waterfalls
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Rainbow Lake Wali, Tangi valley, Hanna Lake, fruit farms, and more.
  1. Moola Valley

  • Location: Khuzdar, Balochistan
  • Significant scenery: waterfalls
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: trekking, camping
  1. Dhan Valley

  • Location: Chakwal, Potohar Plateau, Punjab
  • Significant scenery: Chakwal city
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Thirchak-Mahal canyon, Katas Raj, Kallar Kahar Salt Mine, Chehl-e-Abdal
  1. Soan Sakaser Valley

  • Location: Near Chakwal city, Punjab
  • Significant scenery: Lakes, salt mines
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Kanhatti gardens, Ucchali and Khabikki Lake
  1. Chamkoon Valley

  • Location: Punjab
  • Significant scenery: gateway to Khewra mine (The salt mines of Pakistan).
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Khewra mine
  1. Tirah Valley

  • Location: FATA
  • Significant scenery: fruit farms
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: huge pastures
  1. Hushay Valley

  • Location: near Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery: base camp of Masherbrum
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: trekking, mountaineering
  1. Khaplu Valley

  • Location: In between Skardu and Hushay, Gilgit Baltistan
  • Significant scenery: pear trees, mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Khaplu River; Shyok River, Drass sheher.
  1. Kumrat Valley

  • Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Significant scenery: Snow clad mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: trekking, camping and fishing, Jahaz Banda.
  1. Miranzai/Hangu Valley

  • Location: KPK
  • Significant scenery: lakes, green pastures
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: the Jawzara Springs, Hangu bazaar, Chashma Piraan
  1. Gorakh Hill Valley

  • Location: Dadu, Sindh
  • Significant scenery: snowfall during winters
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: time bonfires, camping, Hengar Spring.
  1. Madyan Valley

  • Location: Mingora, Swat, KPK.
  • Significant scenery: white river, green mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Savastu River
  1. Panjkora Valley

  • Location: Northern KPK
  • Significant scenery: Crystal water of river, luscious green mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Panjkora River, Camping, Trekking
  1. Chitral Valley

  • Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Significant scenery: cold mountains, meadows, green fields and water springs
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: meadows, Chitral Fort, Chitral National Park
  1. Kalasha Valleys

  • Location: Chitral, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Several interconnected valleys, Green meadows and pastures, Cold and icy mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Chilam Joshi festival, trekking
  1. Allai Valley

  • Location: Battagram district, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Snowy mountains, vast fields, meadows, gushing water
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Horseback riding, boating, trekking, Thakot Bazaar,
  1. Battagram Valley

  • Location: Battagram tehsil, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Dense pine trees, snow clad mountains, gurgling water
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Dehri Mukarram Shah, Badar Munir Khan and Alamgir Khan Guest Houses.
  1. Bumburet Valley

  • Location: Kalasha Desh, Chitral, KPK
  • Significant scenery: luscious green fields, gushing water on pebbles, green mountains, snow clad tips.
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Chilam Joshi festival, trekking, boating
  1. Siran Valley

  • Location: Mansehra, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Milk white streams of cold river Siran, Dense and thick trees on mountains
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: Trekking, Shinkiari, River Siran.
  1. Bahrain Valley

  • Location: Swat, KPK
  • Significant scenery: Confluence of two rivers, stony, cold mountains and green meadows
  • Tourist Attractions/Activities: River Swat, River Daral, boating, fishing, trekking, camping.

These top 40 valleys of Pakistan are indeed a gift by God. Visiting even one of them relieves the tourist of all tensions and stress, and marks the beginning of a beautiful and an everlasting experience.