List of Top 35 Valleys of Pakistan

List of Top 35 Valleys of Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with so many beautiful and mesmerizing things that it becomes impossible to count them. From mighty mountains, valleys that remain cold throughout the year to several hidden treasures that are yet to be discovered, Pakistan is one of the best countries to visit.

Here is a list of the top 35 valleys of Pakistan:

  1. Kaghan Valley

Lying in Mansehra, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a valley promising to give you one of your best times. Kaghan Valley is stretched over snowy mountains and is the most popular vacationing spot in Pakistan.

Famous tourist attractions are Lulusar Lake, Lake Saif-Ul-Malook where people can set camps, trek, fish, horseback and more.

  1. Swat Valley

An extremely popular valley, the Swat Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The river Swat waters down Swat Valley and serves as the main source of irrigation.

Popular tourist spots include Malam Jabba, Takht-e-Bahi, Saidu Shareef, Marghazar Valley and much more. Mingora city in Swat is also an extremely beautiful, densely populated city.

  1. Kalam Valley

Kalam Valley lies just a few kilometers from Swat, and approximately 90 kilometers from the city of Mingora.

There are several and numerous tourist attractions in Kalam Valley. These include Matiltan forest, Falaksair mountain spot, Utror Hill station, Gabral hill station and more.

  1. Bishigram Valley

By the Bishigram River in KPK, the Bishigram Valley is one of the most popular camping sites in Pakistan. Known for its wide pastures and safe riverbank, the Bishigram valley attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year to its campsites.

Tourists set camps, fish, and trek and climb cliffs and mountains in the Bishigram valley.

  1. Jarogo Valley

The Jarogo waterfall marks the Jarogo valley in Swat valley ranges in KPK. The Jarogo valley is an extremely famous tourist spot of Swat, and is a populous area because of its valley being cascaded down by several waterfalls.

The Jarogo Valley has several tourist activities including fishing, trekking and mountain climbing.

  1. Ushu Valley

Ushu Valley is a valley neighboring Kalam valley in KPK, and is widely renowned for its milky white cloudy atmosphere and cool weather.

Several tourist attractions of Ushu valley are Mahodand Lake, forest of Ushu, and the local camping sites.

  1. Leepa Valley

Azad Kashmir is famous for its valley; Leepa Valley which is an extremely popular vacationing spot. The Leepa valley houses apple, cherries, honey, walnuts, pear and several fruit orchards, and is an immensely popular valley.

  1. Samahni Valley

Bordering the Line of Control in Azad Kashmir lies the valley of Samahni, which has the famous Baghsar fort.

Although the Baghsar fort remains closed during conflicts from both sides, there are several tourist attractions which are hosted by the Samahni valley. These include the Baghsar Lake, and an old but beautiful Mughal court, depicting fabulous history.

  1. Banjosa Valley

The Banjosa Valley is an uncommon name because it is mostly included within the trips and tours of neighboring valleys. A gateway to Banjosa Valley is in Rawalakot. The Banjosa Lake is an artificial Lake which gives a mesmerizing view by its dense and tall pine trees.

Famous tourist activities include fishing, swimming, boating and more. Visitors can even enjoy the famous wooden houses of the Banjosa Valley.

  1. Jhelum Valley

The Valley of Jhelum is definitely a name you have all heard before. Surrounded by thick green trees, cold snowy mountains and the Jhelum River, the Jhelum Valley is a popular tourist spot.

Tourists from all over Pakistan visit Jhelum Valley to visit Hattian Bala, Jhelum River Bank, Awan Patti and more. Chakothi, Zilzaal Lake and Chinari are also favorites of tourists.

  1. Neelam Valley

The Neelam Valley is to the opposite of the Kaghan valley and befalls in Muzaffarabad. It is divided into two parts: Upper Neelam Valley and Lower Neelam Valley.

Popular tourist activities include trekking, horseback riding, bonfires, exploring, fishing and more.

  1. Shounter Valley

Just nearby the Neelam valley is another valley which is watered by the Shounter River. This valley is called the Shounter Valley.

The Shounter valley has many local tourist attractions including Chitta Kattha Lake. People in Shounter valley fish, boat, trek and horseback ride.

  1. Astore Valley

The commonly known Gorikot valley or the Astore valley is in Gilgit Baltistan and serves as one of the hottest (only metaphorically) valleys in Pakistan.

People from all over Pakistan visit this valley to trek, ride horses, camp and enjoy the snow in winters. There are several tourist attractions including the Astore polo ground where the local polo festival takes place, Astore Bazaar which provides beautiful knickknacks and Rama Lake, which is a hub for tourist interaction.

  1. Rama Valley

Within the boundaries of Astore valley is the Rama valley which is a huge meadow, giving way to ice-clad mountains. The Astore River, which is milk white in color and extremely cool flows in the valley.

An exceptional camping and trekking site, Rama Valley is extremely popular.­

  1. Shigar Valley

The Shigar Valley is in the in Gilgit Baltistan, in the extreme North of Pakistan.

A small but popular valley, this valley is home to several apple fields which are laden with glowing apples throughout the year.

There are several tourist vacationing spots in Shigar valley. The most popular one include the Apple Garden, Blind Lake Shigar, Shigar Mosque, Shigar Shrine and more.

  1. Gilgit Valley

The Gilgit Valley is in Gilgit Baltistan, and is the biggest district there. The Gilgit River irrigates and waters it down. The Gilgit Valley is one the best tourism sites in Pakistan.

The valley of Gilgit has a wild game sanctuary open to tourists called the Kargah Nala, and Chinar Gardens. But these are only the standing popular sites, but there are many more for which the valley is crowded year-round.

  1. Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley is in Gilgit Baltistan, and is an extremely popular tourist site for couples, students and families. People who visit enjoy horseback riding, trekking, and camping.

The famous tourist attractions at Hunza valley are Altit and Baltit Forts, Rakaposhi Peak, Karimabad Bazaar, Attabad Lake, Eagle Nest Duikar, Borith Lake, Gulmit, and Sost Border.

  1. Nagar Valley

The Nagar Valley neighbors the Hunza Valley, and is signified by the presence of the Rakaposhi Mountains; the Golden Peaks. Most people who end up visiting Nagar valley are en’route Hunza, but Nagar itself is a famous valley.

Attracting thousands of tourists year-round, the attractions in Nagar valley are Rush Lake Hopar and Attabad Lake. People even take adventurous trips to the Hopar glaciers.

  1. Skardu Valley

A few hours from Gilgit, the Skardu Valley is in Gilgit Baltistan. It is home to crowd-pulling attractions for tourists including the Mantokha Fall, Satpara Lake, Cold Desert, Deosai Plains, Soak Nala and more.

It is the best place to visit when you want to get rid of the hot sun in Pakistan.

  1. Quetta Valley

The Quetta Valley is the provincial capital of Balochistan, and is a very old but popular city. There are several tourist spots in Quetta including the Mian Ghundi Forest, Askari Park, Quetta Fort, Hanna Lake, Hanna waterfall and Qilla Miri.

Quetta also has several famous bazaars which tourists love to visit.

  1. Urak Valley

The Urak Valley is in Quetta in Balochistan, and is marked by the Rainbow Lake or the Urak and Hanna Lake junction.

Popular tourist attractions and activities are fishing and boating in Hanna Lake, visiting and sight-seeing the Wali Tangi valley, camping by the waterfalls of Wali Tangi, roaming the apple tree farms and more.

  1. Moola Valley

The Moola Valley is in Balochistan, and is locally known as the Moola Chotok. The Moola Chotok is a heavenly place to be for it has uncountable waterfalls, and is a famous camping site.

If you wander off to Moola valley, there are numerous things you could do including bathing in the fresh waterfalls, trekking, camping on the bank of the riverine and more.

  1. Dhan Valley

The Dhan Valley, also called the Dhan Kahoon, Dhan Kahon is in Chakwal in the Potohar Plateau and is not a far cry from civilization. Famous for being a gateway to the Chakwal city, the Dhan valley is both agriculturally and industrially important.

Famous tourist attractions of Dhan valley are canyons of Thirchak-Mahal Katas Raj, Kallar Kahar Salt Mine, Chehl-e-Abdal and Larri Pathan.

  1. Soan Sakaser Valley

Soon Sakaser, Soan Sakaser or the Soon valley is in the mid of Punjab near Chakwal city district. A rare owner of lakes, water springs and streams, the Soon valley is a crowd-puller.

Irrigated by Ucchali and Khabikki Lake, the Soon Sakaser valley attracts thousands of tourists year-round, and is famous for its Kanhatti gardens and barbequing grounds.

  1. Chamkoon Valley

Chamkoon Valley is one of the five known valleys of Punjab, and is a gateway to Khewra mine (The salt mines of Pakistan). It is a popular tourist spot among many locals, and there is never a day in its life when the valley is barren of tourists.

  1. Tirah Valley

A small but promising valley in FATA, the Tirah Valley is a popular valley for its several fruit farms, and strong timber. But reasons apart from agriculture, the Tirah Valley is one of the rare valleys of FATA which pulls people from all over Pakistan to wide and huge pastures.

  1. Hushay Valley

Hushay Valley is located in Gilgit Baltistan, a few hours from Skardu. It is the ideal mountaineering spot as it holds the base camp of Masherbrum, and attracts people who are expert mountaineers and climbers. The valley is also a popular trekking site.

  1. Khaplu Valley

In between the Valleys of Skardu and Hushay lies the Khaplu valley. A peaceful yet lively village laden with several pear trees, the Khaplu valley is in Gilgit Baltistan and ensures you a heavenly time.

The famous tourist attractions of Khaplu River are Shyok River and the Drass sheher.

  1. Kumrat Valley

One of the most popular and the most beautiful valleys in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the Kumrat valley promises you an enthralling experience with its cool temperature and snowy look. A place where you can trek, camp and fish, the Kumrat Valley’s famous tourist attraction is the Jahaz Banda.

  1. Miranzai/Hangu Valley

The Miranzai Valley or as we know it, the Hangu valley is one of the most renowned places that people turn to chill themselves of the hot summer sun. a valley surrounded by lakes, green pastures, water springs and more, the Hangu or the Miranzai Valley is a must vacation spot.

Popular tourist attractions are the Chashma Piraan, the central bazaar of Hangu and the Jawzara Springs.

  1. Gorakh Hill Valley

Gorakh Hill in Dadu, Sindh was not taken as a valley until a national news channel highlighted is as the valley of Sindh which surprisingly receives snowfall.

Gorakh Hill is a town, hill station and valley in Dadu, Sindh, near the Kirthar Mountain Ranges of Pakistan. The word Gorakh stands for Wolf in Balochi language and has a different meaning in the Sindhi dialect. Gorakh Hill is a famous location for nighttime bonfires, camping, and the nearby fountain of Gorakh Hill, called the Hengar Spring.

  1. Madyan Valley

The Madyan Valley is located in Mingora in Swat and is more of a hill station. Promising with green mountains, attractive sceneries and the milk-white river Savastu, the Madyan Valley in Swat is the perfect picnic spot.

  1. Panjkora Valley

The Panjkora Valley is near the Kumrat Valley, and is marked by the River Panjkora which waters it. The Panjkora Valley is also an extremely famous tourist site, and it hustles during the seasonal time of tourism.

The Panjkora Valley has many important and fascinating tourist attractions including the Shore of Panjkora River, and people visiting here can set camps and trek too.

  1. Chitral Valley

Chitral Valley is watered down by the Chitral River, and is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Chitral Valley is a beautiful valley of scenic green fields, meadows, cold mountains and freshwater springs. The Chitral valley is a famous tourist spot for its meadows, Chitral National Park, Chitral Fort and more.

  1. Kalasha Valleys

The Kalasha Valleys or the Kalash Valley are valleys just neighbor to the Chitral district or the Chitral Valley in KPK. People from all over the country visit Kalash valleys to trek, and there are several events that attract people to the Kalash Valleys.

These festivals include the major Chilam Joshi festival, which takes place at the end of May, and carries on for four to five days.

These top 35 valleys of Pakistan will definitely make you want to hop on the next tour bus and discover the beauty of Pakistan.