List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Politics is a serious business and it can be compared to a war without bloodshed. What it actually feels to be a politician cannot be understood by the common man in the same way that a politician will fail to understand the plight of the common man.

Most politicians have a negative and bad reputation in the society. They are always making headlines for being consistent liars, corrupted figures, sexual deviants, religious extremists, racists and so on.

No matter how we see politicians they require a very strong identity and a thick skin to survive in this field or else they would get wiped out within a few days from this arena. Whether we like or dislike our politicians some of them have become really powerful and have climbed high on the political leader to make it at the top despite of their controversial images.

  1. Imran Khan

Imran Khan - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan is the most promising leader of the country and has a genuine vision to make Pakistan great and proud. When the political system is contaminated with corruption and bribery and almost every politician is ready to stoop low to usurp wealth, Imran Khan is an exception who is not interested in money. He is a man who has little patience for hypocrisy and corruption.

Imran Khan doesn’t believe or peach the politics of violence and has never been involved in any criminal activity that could harm or take away a life. We can be hopeful that Imran Khan would remain unchanged during his five years of rule as the Prime Minister.

  1. Shahbaz Sharif

Shahbaz Sharif - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Shahbaz Sharif is the current president of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and has served as the Chief Minister of Punjab from June 2013 to May 2018 which was his third term. Shahbaz Sharif has a reputation of being a workaholic administrator who was highly obsessed with infrastructure based mega projects in the Punjab province.

Shahbaz Sharif is known as the Tough Task maker. Athar Ali Khan, a Punjab government officer  once mentioned Shahbaz’s hands-on style as the Chief Minister saying, “Like it or not, if you want to work with Shahbaz Sharif you have to be on the toes all the time.”

  1. Parvez Musharraf

Parvez Musharraf - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Parvez Musharraf is the four-star Army general who came into power in 1999 through a bloodless military coup and retained his throne till 2008. Later, he had to resign to escape from impeachment.

Musharraf implemented 29 amendments to the constitution which gave him the definite power to dissolve the parliament and sack the Prime Minister whenever he wanted. During his rule, Pakistan has a friendly climate for international investments and had attained decent growth rates.

Political analyst, Lt. Gen. Talat Masood claimed that Musharraf was always loyal to his military mindset and he had ruled according to his military principles: “He in a way always believed in a unity of command, a very centralized command which means, his command in fact.”

  1. Molana Khadim Hussain Rizvi

Molana Khadim Hussain Rizvi - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Molana Khadim Hussain Rizvi is the founder of the political party Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), a political front for Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYP). By 2017 TLP became the third favorite party in most parts of Pakistan and it turned out to be the most competitive party of the country harming the vote banks of Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN) to a large extent.

  1. Khawaja M Asif

Khawaja M Asif - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Khawaja M Asif is a banker, businessman and a politician who has affiliations with the center-right party PML-N. He is popular for his strong oratory skills and denunciation of military intervention in the political domain.

Hassan Abbas author of Pakistan’s drift into extremism claimed in his book that during the Nawaz Sharif’s Prime Ministership, Khawaja M Asif in an ally with other politicians had advised him to remove General Musharraf as the army chief.

During the budgetary sessions of 2006 to 2007, two videos of Khawaja Asif were released online which highly challenged and rebuked the military regimes of the country.

  1. Syed Mustafa Kamal

Syed Mustafa Kamal - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Syed Mustafa Kamal is the founder and leader of Pak Sarzameen Party. Previously he was a senator in the Senate of Pakistan and has served as the mayor of Pakistan’s largest city Karachi which alone contributes 60%-70% to the country’s economy itself and unfortunately is the hub of problems like floods, corruption, terrorism, earthquakes etc.

Being the mayor, Kamal delivered his duties accordingly and provided good services in education, health, infrastructure, technology, and law and order enforcement. People of Karachi were happy because the budget for Karachi was honestly spent on its development and advancement during his administration.

  1. Asad Umar

Asad Umar - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Asad Umar is a Pakistani politician who has been the member of national assembly since 2013. He has an amicable and intellectual personality. Previously Asad has worked for Engro Corporation for 27 years and finally assumed the position of the company CEO and president in 2004.

He gave an early resignation and surprised everyone by joining the PTI. Asad didn’t join politics for his own personal gain or boost the functionality of his company which is clear from his resignation. Being the son of an army officer he wants to give attention to politics because he is solely interested in serving people.

  1. Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Shah Mehmood Qureshi - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Shah Mehmood Qureshi is one of the prominent politicians of Pakistan who has a drastic political career with lots of ups and downs. He was once the member of PML (N) and PPP before joining the PTI. Qureshi has served as the District Nazim (Mayor of Multan from 2000 to 2002) and had well administered the district and oversaw a number of development projects.

Qureshi has served as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan in the cabinet of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. During Qureshi’s service as the foreign minister, he was committed to establishing peace in the region and wished to maintain friendly ties with all neighboring countries including India.

However, he quit from the PPP saying that he did not wish to be the part of Zardari League. Shah Mehmood has great oratory skills and has an ideal grip on languages, liberal substance, and remarkable style.

  1. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is the current leader of the Awami Muslim League and has been an elected member of the national assembly of Pakistan since 1985.

Sheikh Rasheed fearlessly talks about the problems of the common people in their language and is well informed about the civil and military-political elites of the country. He is loved by the public due to his sharp comments, revolutionary slogans, and political predictions.

  1. Hafeez Muhammad Saeed

Hafeez M Saeed - List of Top 10 Most Powerful Male Politicians of Pakistan

Hafeez Muhammad Saeed is a controversial political figure and whether he should have been allowed to join the Pakistani politics remains a debating issue. Hafeez is Pakistani Islamist militant who is also the founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba and the chief of Jamaat-ud-dawah which the UN has marked as the terrorist organizations operating from Pakistan.

He is the alleged mastermind to stage the Mumbai attacks in 2008 which had almost pushed India and Pakistan at the verge of war. However, Hafeez decided to form his own party because he wants to turn Pakistan into a real Islamic welfare state but it seems to be a farfetched dream.

In the past, he has always talked about dissolving the democratic and electoral system of the country claiming they are incompatible with Islam.