List Of Top 10 Furniture Brands in Pakistan

List Of Top 10 Furniture Brands in Pakistan

The importance of having our surrounding look beautiful has spread to our daily life. Every day we are trying to find ways to enhance our surroundings, and when we talk about homes and offices, there is only much we can do. Furniture used to be a necessity, but now it is much more; it is about having to find something that you can call home, and it is about finding the prettiest outlook to life we can afford. Furniture is no longer traditional but is turning to be the one thing that we can all feel comfortable with.

If you have a knack for fancy and comfortable furniture, or if you are looking to create a better look for your house; then you are probably going crazy trying to figure out which furniture company is the best for you. But we have you covered and present to you the top ten furniture brands in Pakistan.

  1. Index Furniture

Considered to be one of the best, Index Furniture is a widely recognized name. If you want to experience homeliness and style, then Index Furniture is the best choice you could pick. Expert in creating the most comfortable furniture, Index Furniture provides you with beds, sofas, couches, kitchen furniture, and even specializes in bringing you the easiest and the most beautiful array of DIY furniture. This furniture brand has over thirty years of experience, and has many showrooms to satisfy its clients and customers.

Index Furniture has many branches, and is spread in the major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Index Furniture is also the furniture brand which provides you with the most sober and stylish office furniture.

  1. Khawaja’s Interior and Exterior

Khawaja’s Interiors and Exteriors is probably the best standing furniture brand in Sialkot. Many people are disappointed when they find out that some future brands only operate in specific cities, but this is not the store that will disappoint you. This furniture brand specializes in creating the best ready and custom made furniture, and it is the best shot of Sialkot. This furniture brand joins hands with its clients and customers, and works to give the best outlook to the client’s office or house. Unlike most furniture brands, this brand does not provide direct furniture, but works with the clients to figure out the best furniture for their house. This way you not only get quality furniture, but also get an interior designer! So if you want a two-in-one furniture store; then Khawaja’s Interior and Exterior is definitely the one you need.

  1. Edge Kitchens and Cabinetry

If you want to enhance your kitchen and make it more friendly, then Edge Kitchens and Cabinetry will definitely come up to the mark. This furniture brans is located in Lahore, and serves to provide the freshest and the best change to your kitchen. Whether you are creating a new kitchen look, or want to polish your old one, this furniture brand will give you with the best kitchen furniture. The furniture at Edge Kitchens and Cabinetry is designed to endure all kinds of stress including steam, heat, water and more. So if your kitchen cabinets are starting to rot, this furniture brand is the best hope you will ever get. Highly weather resistant, the furniture from Edge Kitchens and Cabinetry include cupboards, storage cupboards, cabinets, floorings, tile flooring, carpeted tiles, efficient fake ceiling, lighting, and smooth slabs. Ranging from stylish to cozily intricate; the furniture from Edge Kitchens and Cabinetry deserve all praise!

  1. Luxury Homes

A long-time operating furniture brand, Luxury Homes is the leading furniture brand in Karachi. This furniture brand provides you with one of the best wood works and will make you happy just by looking at their catalogue. Luxury Homes might just be the best place to get kids’ furniture, so if you want to give a good room to your kids and make it worthwhile, then Luxury Homes is the furniture brand for you. They also specialize in office furniture, making it a win-win furniture brand. Luxury Homes operates in Karachi and Malaysia.

  1. KC Interior

An exceptional furniture brand, KC interior not only provides you with furniture but several accessories and interior decorations too. KC Interior is a famous and widely known furniture brand in Karachi, and you can choose from a wide range of furniture from here.

KC Interiors provides you with wallpapers, wall pictures, artificial glass products, wall paneling, wood floorings, vinyl floorings, ceramic and carpeted tiles, fake ceilings and more. KC Furniture offers many versatile services including architectural, Interior designing, kitchen flourishing and office and bedroom décor. So stop looking out for good furniture brands in Karachi and head out toward KC Interior.

  1. Hayat Galleria

Hayat Galleria is a widely renowned furniture brand in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This furniture brand is the perfect one if you have exceptional taste and are interested in furniture replicas of British and French furniture. Hayat Galleria has been operational since 1870, and offers a wide range of unique, traditional and beautiful furniture. This furniture brand holds more than180 years of style, tradition, culture and is quite experienced in giving you the best of what you deserve.

From Hayat Galleria you can get traditional furniture like wooden beds, wooden chairs, dining sets and more; but the best thing is that Hayat Galleria offers you a chance to buy unorthodox furniture too! From Hayat Galleria you can buy Amish, Gothic, British, Colonial, and Spanish and French furniture. This furniture company also provides you with writing desks, bars, drink cabinets and more. Hayat Galleria has everything and if you want to experience royalty; then Hayat Galleria furniture brand is the answer to it!

  1. HomeDéco Furniture

HomeDéco is a large furniture brand which is considered a top, leading furniture brand in Pakistan. HomeDéco is an online furniture company which operates from the UK. If you want to order furniture online, and are reluctant to order from anywhere suspicious, then HomeDéco will take your worries away.

HomeDéco provides all kinds of furniture, from bedroom furniture including beds, mattresses, sofas, chairs, side tables, dressers to office and storage furniture including cabinets, dressers, cupboards and more. HomeDéco also provides you with curtains, carpets, rugs, bed and home linens and even computer tables and lighting. Open to every age, HomeDéco is the best choice when looking online.

  1. Alpial Furniture

Alpial Furniture is located in Lahore, but it has recently announced that it will deliver to homes in several cities as well. Alpial Furniture provides services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Wah Cantt, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Daska, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Lala Musa, Kharian, Jhelum, Mirpur, Gujjar Khan, Okara, Muridke, Faisalabad, Chiniot, Multan, Sargodha, Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Muzaffarabad, Murree, Nowshehra, Mardan, Charsadda, Sukkur and Hyderabad. It is soon expanding to other cities as well.

From Alpial Furniture, you can buy single beds, double and master beds, Storage furniture, Dining set, Sofa set, Decorative coffee tables and more. This furniture brand is customer friendly and easiest to buy from because it even delivers at home and has an online shopping choice!

  1. Palmiye Kocak

Turkey has always been a country of style, and it is with extreme delight that we tell you about Palmiye Kocak or Koçak. A leading furniture brand in Turkey, Palmiye Kocak operates in several countries worldwide, and its Pakistani outlet can be found in Mauve area of Islamabad. The furniture in Palmiye Kocak is built from the best wood and the strongest metal, so you need not worry about quality. The craftsmen at Palmiye Kocak furniture brand work hard to provide comfortable furniture, so you can not only enjoy the latest designs but be well rested too.

Palmiye Kocak expertizes in furniture of all kinds, but in Pakistan you can buy sofas, couches, tables, chairs and garden furniture. Whether you want to decorate your room, your living room or even your garden, Palmiye Kocak will be the best option you can choose from. Palmiye Kocak is known worldwide for its exceptional taste, grandeur and quality in furniture. The furniture brand gives customers a wide look into the available furniture, and you do not even need to worry about being a foreigner; Palmiye Kocak works perfectly and is user-friendly!

  1. Shaukat Sons

Shaukat Sons is considered the experts of kids’ furniture. Before we indulge into its many services, let us elaborate more about Shaukat Sons. Shaukat Sons is a creative and space-saving furniture brand located near the Interwood showroom in Islamabad. Shaukat Sons works to provide the best and the cutest children furniture, and even carve specific and special furniture which can endure all forms of stress. Made with the best wood and materials, the furniture of Shaukat Sons is heaven for many.

Shaukat Sons furniture brand produces fresh Sofa sets which can be customized, Space saving beds and storage sofas including beds which can be constructed to fit within a small room, beds with cupboards and cabinets, bunker beds which are available in the latest designs, cupboards and even beds shaped and formed like cars so that your children can be adventurous even when they sleep. This furniture brand is widely and nationally loved by many satisfied customers, and if you want to get furniture for your kid’s room that is different from the conventional ones, then Shaukat Sons furniture will make your wish come true.

These top furniture brands of Pakistan only prove that we indeed want a life where we don’t only have what we need, but also what we want. Having minimal furniture used to be a necessity, but now we keep on finding ways to insert our desires into our furniture. So these top brands of furniture in Pakistan are a source of happiness and comfort, and carry many versatile services. You can find more about these brands by visiting the nearest outlet or their websites.