Leopard Seen Crossing Road Near Islamabad


The animal was captured on camera by a group of men travelling in a car in the nighttime.

The video suggests that the men were actually looking for the leopard and seemed to know exact location where the animal might be found in the hills.

The car negotiates several turns while travelling the winding road before a leopard jumps out of darkness and crosses the road in front of the vehicle.

Posted on Twitter on Friday, the video has been seen thousands of times with people sharing their own experiences of coming across the animal in the area.

Another users said the Margallahs are their natural habitat. “Humans have encroached everywhere in the hills. But the leopard still survives there, even if precariously,” said the user with a Twitter handle, karahchiahab.

Another user wrote that the leopards used to be spotted in Islamabad city until late 90s.

“The poor creatures, loosing their habitat. Saw one many years ago just past Murree on our way to Nathiagali,” wrote a user Asimah.