Karachi Becomes Sixth Cheapest City To Live In

Karachi Becomes Sixth Cheapest City To Live In

Karachi has been named one of the cheapest cities to live in, taking the sixth spot on the list with over 133 in the world.

A BBC report citing a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that Karachi is the sixth, least expensive city in the world beating Indian capital of New Delhi which lies on number eight, while the list was led by Venezuelan city of Caracas through a comparison done of over 133 cities.

On the other hand, Syria’s Damascus was the second cheapest in the world followed by Uzbekistan’s Tashkent.

Moreover, the report also revealed Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey and Brazil saw a severe decline in their living cost in 2019, with a growing number of places around the globe becoming less expensive owing to economic and political factors.

On the contrary, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore maintained their top spots in the world’s most expensive cities for dwellers.