Imran Khan: ‘There were Times When Emirates was Helped by PIA’

Imran Khan: 'There were Times When Emirates was Helped by PIA'

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the seventh World Government Summit in Dubai on Sunday.

Speaking to the gathering of heads of states, policymakers and business leaders, the premier stated: “I grew up in Pakistan when Pakistan in the sixties was considered the fastest growing countries in Asia. It was a model of development.”

“We grew rapidly we had excellent govt systems. That’s the Pakistan I grew up in,” added.

During the address, the PM also stated that talking to Sheikh Muhammad earlier, he was told that Pakistan saw a time of progress where globally acclaimed airlines Emirates was helped by Pakistan International Airlines.

“Unfortunately our country could not keep up that pace. The line of success is never in a straight line,” he stated further.

“The more accountable and clean a govt the more successful it is. The better the system of meritocracy the better the country.”

“We want an equitable growth, we don’t want the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer,” stated Khan.

Concluding the talk, he urged investors to come to Pakistan as  ‘it is essential to take risks.’

Source: The News