Huawei to Continue Android OS After Vice President Reveals Hongmeng is Not Suitable For Smartphones

Huawei to Continue Android OS After Vice President Reveals Hongmeng is Not Suitable For Smartphones

Huawei’s own upcoming operating system — HongMeng OS, is widely believed to be the company’s answer to Google’s Android mobile OS. The HongMeng OS was confirmed by Huawei when the US government banned the Chinese giant.

The HongMeng OS is developed based on open-source Android and in the recently concluded test, the operating system was found to be around 60 percent faster than Android mobile OS.

Now, Catherine Chen, Senior Vice President and a Board Member of Huawei said that the upcoming HongMeng OS is not for smartphones and the company is planning to continue using Google’s Android operating system on its smartphones.

She added that the recently-trademarked Hongmeng operating system is for industrial use and the system has been in development long before the current discussions around finding an alternative to Android. She further said that the HongMeng is very secure because of fewer lines of codes compared to a mobile OS and has an extreme low latency compared with a smartphone operating system.

Earlier, during an interview, Huawei’s founder and CEO had said that the HongMeng OS will be used in a wide range of products, including routers, network switches, tablets, computers and data centers.

This is interesting as the HongMong OS was being tested on smartphones and a few testers have also shared their experience. It seems that the company decided not to use HongMeng OS for smartphones after the Trump administration said that US firms can resume doing business with Huawei under certain conditions. This means that Huawei can now regain access to Google’s Android.

The Chinese giant has also trademarked another operating system named Harmony OS. It could be the global name of the HongMeng or the name of its Android alternative. Whatever be the case, we expect the company to shed more light on this during Huawei’s Annual Developers Conference next month. The company is also expected to unveil its all-new EMUI 10 custom user interface for the Android OS during the same conference.