Here’s What Ukhano Has to Say For Himself In Response to the Allegations Against Him

Here's What Ukhano Has to Say For Himself In Response to the Allegations Against Him

So after Kami Sid, now YouTuber Umer Khan alias ‘Ukhano’ has been accused of indulging in sexual harassment. Of course, the travel vlogger is denying the accusations.

While many fans are rushing to his defense, netizens are skeptical. (no smoke without fire, right?)

t all started with a now-deleted Facebook post that accused Umar Khan of using his position and influence to his advantage (Bill Clinton anyone?).

Once the news hit Twitter, tweeps brewed up a storm. More voices came forward with the same experiences.

Ukhano harassment


Ukhano harassment

More people come forward with stories of Ukhano using his influence to make unwanted advances.

Ukhano Responds to Allegations

It took the vlogger a while to respond to the ‘recent false accusations against him‘. Many speculate that he did so to base a response that worked with all the narratives and screenshots making rounds on the Internet.

It is noteworthy that Ukano emphasized that he has never made women he worked with uncomfortable. That’s no guarantee that he managed to make women uncomfortable, just being himself. That is what he says at least.

Some Twitterati just think ‘boys will be boys‘, and this boy didn’t clean up well afterward. This really sheds the spotlight (yet again) on how our society has a culture that thinks men will just make advances towards women, and it’s nothing to worry about.

As civilized beings, we ought to be doing so in a better way (look at Keanu Reeves for a change).

Social Media Campaign Against a Social Media Influencer?

Then there was the typical,  ‘if you’re right then go to court‘. Although made in malice, that really is a good suggestion. The Internet has a short term memory, and cases blow over.

A social media campaign against a social media influencer sounds like a really bad idea. Ukano even explicitly put out;

“I don’t want to publish this evidence, because I don’t want to ruin someone’s life, as it is against my morals and integrity.”

Meanwhile, a court verdict would really set it in stone if said social media influencer is an aggressor.

On the other hand, people should learn to differentiate between rape and harassment. Rape is the most heinous form of sexual/physical harassment and a horrible crime.

Meanwhile, harassment may be verbal and indirect not just physical. Sexist jokes and saying lewd things to make you uncomfortable is verbal harassment.

Harassment is not always sexual in nature. Your boss screaming at you, threatening physical assault, as well as using abusive language is harassment (just not the sexual kind). The problem is that the word ‘harassment’ has become too taboo, that it’s often swept under the rug.