Game of Thrones Enters Guinness’ as Most Demanded TV Premier

Game of Thrones Enters Guinness' as Most Demanded TV Premier

The global demand for the premiere of the eighth and final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ exceeded the global premiere demand of every other television series – setting a new Guinness World Record.

The last season premiered internationally on April 14, 2019.

The global demand on the day of the premiere exceeded the global premiere demand of every other TV series for any season across all platforms and markets under measurement, reports

Parrot Analytics, a TV content analytics firm specializing in global audience demand measurement, partnered with Guinness World Records to chart the demand and declare it officially – Most in-demand TV premiere.

The Parrot methodology claims to use global, real-time and platform-agnostic TV demand measurements.

Guinness and Parrot charted worldwide demand for all series premieres from April 2015 to the day of ‘Game of Thrones’ season eight premiere to determine the measurement.

“The fantasy series amassed a per capita global audience demand of 25.46 on the premiere day. Compared to its per capita global demand of 24.74 on the day of its season seven premiere, the latest and final season has premiered 2.9 percent higher globally.

Premiere day demand has been particularly strong in the US, United Kingdom and France,” Parrot Analytics Vice President Samuel Stadler said.

Guinness Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said, “‘Game of Thrones’ looks like it’s going to continue breaking records right up to the final, undoubtedly devastating episode.”

‘Game of Thrones’, based on George RR Martin’s novels, is about the quest to claim the Iron Throne. But it also stands for complicated political gambits, scheming and the backstabbing nature of people and finding love in troubled times.

The final season will wrap up on May 19.