Five Incredible Ways ‘Running’ Can Help Improve Your Mood

Five Incredible Ways 'Running' Can Help Improve Your Mood

The physical benefits of exercise and running are very well documented and known across continents. It is rightfully said that running helps boost cardiovascular health, reduce weight, build muscle and stamina. But it was only relatively that scientists actually began to look into the advantages of running on one’s brain and mental health. The results they obtained have been nothing less than astonishing. They did affirm the believe that running makes people feel happier afterward, and presented with a number of reasons with why such a thing happens. The article below looks into five incredible ways running can improve your mood.

  1. Stress Reduction

In today’s fast paced world, life has become so stressful that people often find themselves being crushed under the weight of worries. While stress can be positive and a motivating factor for people to perform better in their lives, huge levels of it work the opposite, hindering progress and decreasing productivity. Therefore, it is important that the amount of tension remains low. Running regularly is one excellent way of keeping a check on the stress levels. It instigates the release of a special hormone in the brain called norepinephrine, which moderates brain’s response to stress. A stress-free mind is a happier mind, which immediately helps improve one’s mood.

Also, running allows one unhindered time to evaluate his/ her situation and problems, and increases the probability of coming to a definite solution, which is also something that boosts mood.

  1. Extra Energy and Creativity

It is a known fact that a person who exercises frequently has higher energy levels than someone who remains sedentary. Running in the morning, before work, will give you the extra boost of energy, which will help you navigate around your daily work chores with increased productivity. Since your creativity would be higher as well (running helps with that also!), performance will improve greatly. Both of these things impact one’s mood positively.

  1. “Feel-good Factor”

A round of running stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain, which are also known as ‘make-me-feel-good’ hormones. Their work is similar to that of morphine, which makes the runner feel euphoric after the round of running. The person feels lighter and happier, which are excellent in improving one’s mood.

Running also has a positive impact on sleep quality and work concentration, both of which are definitely known to alleviate feelings of bad mood.

  1. Alleviated Anxiety

Running is one excellent way to boost self-esteem in people. It increases confidence in self as well. When one sets forth a target for himself/ herself regarding running, and achieves it with regular performance of the act, one tends to believe in his/ her abilities more. This confidence and trust is excellent for personal and mental growth and boosts mood.

Moreover, due to regular running periods, when the body comes in shape, the mind feels better. It has been documented that even periods as short as five minutes, if spent exercising, or running especially, have incredible effects on anxiety levels.

  1. Brain Power

Running is a cardiovascular exercise. It has been proven by numerous researches that regularly performing activities that target the heart improve brain function as well, by increasing the number of brain cells controllably. Production of cells in the hippocampus increases significantly in the long term, as a result of running, which makes learning new things easier and faster. This also boosts confidence in self and in one’s abilities, which is excellent for the mood and the brain in the longer run.

Running is easy, running is cheap, and running is incredible. So, take out your joggers today, and go for a run to yield the numerous benefits the act promises.