Dubai International Airport Crowded as Thousands Leave For Eid

Dubai International Airport Crowded as Thousands Leave For Eid

Eid-ul-Adha, a festive time of the year for Muslims is just around the corner and thousands of Muslims have flooded the Dubai International Airport as they leave the area for Eid. More than several thousand passengers head for Dubai International Airport, crowding it to the extent that the Dubai Police had to release an official statement, requesting people to be cautious and careful in response to the congested travel routes of Dubai.

The police tweeted in the morning that Airport Road heading towards Terminal 1 and 3 of Dubai International is jammed, and asked people to take alternative routes.

The heavy traffic comes as Dubai International prepares for a rush of passenger, with about 100,000 people expected to travel through Terminal 3 on Friday (August 9) alone. Emirates Airline earlier advised its passengers to arrive to the airport at least three hours before their flight departure in order to avoid any delays.

On Thursday, Emirates also tweeted, advising those departing from Dubai International to allow for extra time to pass through the airport due to the high number of passengers flying in and out.

Employees in both the public and private sectors across the UAE will be on holiday for the next few days as Eid Al Adha starts on Saturday and ends on Tuesday.