Complete Registration Process of Non-profit Organizations in Pakistan

Complete Registration Process of Non-profit Organizations in Pakistan

Nonprofit Organizations, or NPOs as they are more generally referred to as, are non- business entities, which use their revenues to further the social cause they have their interests invested in. Examples of such institutions include trust hospitals, free schools, etc.

Pakistan has an elaborate and formal procedure regarding the registration of nonprofit organizations. The process corresponds to the 1961 Ordinance. The process is similar to the one that regards to the registration of NGOs and societies. The article below offers a highly comprehensive guide regarding the entire protocol and the requirements of the relevant authorities.

1- ‘Member Count’ Requirement

The government of Pakistan has a very strict policy with regards to the minimum number of people a society/ NPO must have while registering itself officially. The set cut off is that of at least 20 members, of which a minimum of 7 must be office bearers/ executive members. Anything below this is considered unacceptable. Therefore, before anything else, make sure that your organization fulfills this primary requirement.

2- Completion of Required Documents

Successful certification demands the completion and provision of a list of prerequisite documents to the relevant authorities. The list can be found below: –

  1. Two signed copies of the NPO’s Constitution
  2. Two completed and signed copies of the Form B. This form is available on the official website of “Islamabad Capital Territory Administration” for downloading.
  3. Two copies of each member’s National Identity cards, which includes general body members and executive members of the organization. The copies must also be attested before submission, by a gazetted officer.
  4. Two copies of a list of duly signed phone numbers of each and every member of the concerned nonprofit organization.
  5. A complete list comprising of the names of all the members of the NPO. The list must include at least 20 members.
  6. The relevant authorities must also be provided with comprehensive ‘minutes of meeting’ of the first general body meeting. This is required by the 1961 ordinance that was passed with reference to the registration of NPOs and NGOs.
  7. The complete office address, Office pad, website, telephone, fax number, email address and lease agreement / ownership proof of the office of the organization must be submitted to relevant authorities as well.
  8. A list of the mobile phone numbers and email addresses of all the executive members/ office bearers of the organization must be provided as well.

3- Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association is also available on the official website of “Islamabad Capital Territory Administration”. It is required that each society seeking official certification download two copies from there, have it filled and signed duly by each and every member of the NPO.

4- Articles of Association

The 1961 Ordinance also demands the preparation of the ‘Articles of Association’. All members of the society are not required to sign it. Any and at least three members of the executive body must sign it.

5- Minutes of Meeting and Annual Reports

While for the purpose of registration with relevant authorities only the minutes of meeting of the first general body meeting must be duly recorded and prepared, it is important that the NPOs maintain an up-to-date folder of all the meetings that happen in the future as well. This is as per the requirements of the 1961 Ordinance. Moreover, the Register Joint Stock Companies must also be provided with all sorts of yearly reports of the NPO, including updated phone numbers, audit reports and annual progress reports.

6- Office Requirement

The office of the organization must be situated in a commercial area.

7- Registration Fee

A registration fee of PKR 500/- must be deposited in the National Bank of Pakistan through a challan Form under the head of Account C-03818-Other receipt fee for Registration of Societies under Societies Registration Act, 1860 (138).

With all of these things submitted to the authorities, a waiting of one month is to be done, while everything is verified, and processes are completed. Only after that is the organization registered. It must be noted that the above article is referenced from the website of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration and the official record of ORDINANCE No. XLVI OF 1961.