Chris Hemsworth Is All Set To Feature As Hulk Hogan In The Wrestler’s Biopic

Chris Hemsworth Is All Set To Feature As Hulk Hogan In The Wrestler’s Biopic

Yes, this news is confirmed now. Thor is the new Hulk, not the Marvel’s Hulk but the wrestling Hulk instead. It’s reported that Hulk Hogan’s incredible life is going to be made into a movie with Chris Hemsworth in the leading role.

Image Source: instagram/hulkhogan

Producing the movie will be Michael Sugar, the Academy Award winner behind ‘Spotlight’, who will produce via his Netflix-based Sugar23, and ‘ The Joker’ director Todd Phillips and Bradley Cooper will produce through their banner Joint Effort, while Hemsworth and Eric Bischoff will also be producing. The scriptwriters include accomplished individuals. John Pollono (Stronger) will reportedly pen the script alongside Scott Silver (8 Mile).

Netflix is closing in on a deal to release the film, which will focus on Hogan’s rise in the 1980s and especially the birth of the phenomenon named ‘Hulkamania’ in 1984. The film will reportedly not attempt to depict the entirety of Hogan’s life and career, neither will it focus on the sex tape scandal which made headlines back in 2012.

Hogan is one of the greatest, most charismatic, most famous, most loved and at the same time most controversial wrestlers of all time. He helped wrestling become a primetime show in the 80s. Born as Terry Gene Bollea in Augusta, Georgia. He was raised in Port Tampa, Florida.

Hogan made his pro debut in 1978 and wrestled as “Sterling Golden” before becoming “Hulk.” Hogan was getting main event matches while wrestling in the American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) in the early 1980s before he was cast as Thunderlips in Rocky III (1982). That gig changed his life for the better as it propelled Hogan into the spotlight and he was soon to enter the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1983.

In WWF he became a fan favorite, his charisma pulled numerous people in the wrestling arenas and WWF got public appreciation worldwide. Hogan won the WWF title numerous times. His rivalry with late André the Giant was legendary.

Simply put, in 80s Hulk Hogan was a phenomenon as he was seen everywhere – television, cartoons, movies, records and lunch boxes – but he was also a part of the steroid scandal in the WWF, and quietly left the organization. He laid low in wrestling circles, but continued to act before coming back, this time with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the WWF’s bitter rival and became more popular than ever. He abandoned his trademark red and yellow colors for black and even dyed his beard black. He was an in-ring megastar once more.

But his personal life has seen many ups and downs as his leaked sex tape caused huge controversy and his married life was also destroyed. Although he went on to win hundreds of million dollars in la ibel case against the website that leaked his tape. So it’s safe to say that that he has had the most extraordinary life and it’s worth a biopic.

The man playing Hogan, Chris Hemsworth, was born in Melbourne, Australia. Chris first came in limelight with his role in the Australian soap opera Home and Away and was also seen in Athe ustralian version of Dancing with the Stars in 2004.

His first Hollywood appearance was in Star Trek (2009), but it was his lead role in Thor (2011) which propelled him to prominence worldwide. He reprised the character in the science fiction blockbuster The Avengers (2012). Ever since getting the role of Thor he has become a big celebrity worldwide.

His selection as Hogan in the upcoming movie has been making waves all over the social media and it’s getting mixed reactions. Some people are excited about it and some say that they can’t picture him as the wrestler.
How well the Aussie actor will portray the incredible personality of Hogan , only time will tell that. But it will be one of the most anticipated movie of the year surely.


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