Best Fried Fish Places in Karachi


Every culture has some special and regional cuisines which add uniqueness to their identity. Traditional cuisines make one feel warm and cozy within their hearts tying them strongly to their roots. It gives them something rich, decadent, and emotionally pleasing to hold on for a lifetime.

Pakistanis are typecast as meat lovers and are known over the world for their fondness for meat. People outside this country will keep on staring at you with a surprised look if you ever inform them that Pakistanis also eat vegetables and fish!

Times are changing and this meat-loving nation is gradually adding fish items to their culinary preferences. Some of the eateries in the country have successfully introduced hot and spicy various fish items including Fries, Tikka, Grill, Curry, Handi etc which are generating big waves among the foodies.

Here is a list of 5 Best Fried Fish Places in Karachi that you must visit to taste their mouthwatering fish items.

1. Fish Walay:

Best Fried Fish Places in Karachi -Fish WalayFish Walay started their journey as caterers delivering orders at home. Now they have evolved into a perfect eatery, also providing a suitable seating area for their customers. The restaurant place is calm and dining in the open air space makes this experience even more pleasurable.

They serve extremely good fried fish and their specialty lies in grilled seafood. If you want to grab a new variation of the Desi fish you may try their Fish Koyla Karahi as well.

All their dishes are fiery and tasty. If you are not used to eating too much spice then your tongue will have burning sensations after having their food.

2. BOTS- Biriyani of the Seas:

Best Fried Fish Places in Karachi -BOTS- Biriyani of the SeasBiriyani of the seas is a great place to taste the heavenly made fish items with satisfaction. Their Fried Fishes are amazing but they are also serving new items which are commendable.


Fish Malai Boti is worth mentioning for its juicy texture and great flavors. Their Prawn Biriyani is truly delicious and their Dhaka Fish will leave you licking your fingers after finishing your meals.

The foods here are spicy so if you want them to add less spice to your food, make sure you inform them about your requirement when you are placing your orders. You may also find their prices a bit higher so budget conscious people may feel uncomfortable.

3. Chacha Jee Khaas:

Best Fried Fish Places in Karachi -Chacha Jee KhaasIf you ever visit Chacha Jee, make sure you order their Fish Tikka. The Tikka here is soft and succulent and holds the moist taste of fish even after being so heavily cooked.

Though it is a fish item, it gives off a little Meat Tikka fragrance which smells more like ‘Koyla ka dum’. Their fish Tikka tastes heavenly with tamarind sauce and garlic Naan.

You may visit with your spouse and kids as they have enough sitting arrangements and can accommodate many people at the same time.

4. Yaadgar Fish:

Best Fried Fish Places in Karachi -Yaadgar FishYaadgar fish is one of the oldest eateries in the town serving its customers with amazing quality dishes since 1982.

Their fried fishes are heavenly and worth trying. You may also try their Heera boneless fish and finger fish because they are relishing when eaten with thick and pulpy coriander chutney!

5. Hassan Square:

Best Fried Fish Places in Karachi -Hassan SquareHassan square is the hub of Tikka and Sajji houses but the fish stalls located at these areas are worth visiting. The permeated fragrances of the fish items are so strong that passers-by and visitors are attracted to the stalls.

You will find almost all items including Fried Fish, Fish Curry, Grilled Fish, and Fish Handi at these stalls to tantalize your taste buds. They will cost you as low as around Rs 600 per kg along with chutneys!

That’s surely a tempting offer!