Best Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore

The drooling Karahi that we are so fond of today was originated from the Indian subcontinent. Initially, it used to be prepared with lamb and mutton and was considered one of the rich dishes in this region.

Now we have a chicken variation added to the Karahi category which is equally enticing and tasty.

The Chicken Karahi is a renowned dish both in Pakistan and North India. The only subtle difference that you can find between these two chicken Karahi Cuisines is that the Pakistani version does not have capsicum or onions whereas the North Indian version uses capsicum.

You can certainly call yourself a lucky fellow if you are staying at Lahore right now as this city is best known for its traditional yet humble food offerings which will make you lick your fingers after you have finished the dishes.

Here is a list of top 5 Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore that you must try once in a lifetime.

  1. Dhaba:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore - DhabaWhen you hear the term Dhaba you simply sit back and imagine a Desi eatery located just by the flank of a busy highway.

However, this Dhaba is a renowned eatery among the dwellers of Lahore, especially for their Chicken Karahi. Their Mughalai dishes are acclaimed among the clients but you can run with your family to this restaurant to have their heavenly Karahi as well.

  1. PakAsia Restaurant:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore - PakAsia Restaurant

Pak Asia is the oldest place in Lahore to have Chicken Karahi. Their customer service is extraordinary and makes you feel at home.

They value the individuality of their customers and prepare the dishes as per to their customer’s individual taste.

They will cut the chicken pieces in front you and ask you about the spice, and butter or ghee level that you would like to have in your dish. It is almost like watching the Karahi being prepared at your own kitchen according to your personal preferences.

However, go for their Butter Chicken Karahi as it is healthy and tastes awesome.

  1. Fazal-e-Haq-Dera:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore - Fazal-e-Haq-DeraThe word Dera carries the notation of unpolished and plain surroundings which fortunately has been spared from the interference of urbanization.

Fazal-e-Haq-Dera has a Desi touch and it is mainly decorated with Desi adornments. They will serve you the best Desi Chicken Karahi which has a fantastic taste and fragrance.

From the sitting area, their kitchen is visible which is why the Karahi almost gets cooked in front of their customers.

  1. Butt Karahi:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore - Butt KarahiButt Karahi prepares absolutely mouth-watering Desi Chicken Karahi.

With each bite, the chicken Karahi just gets better especially when you are having it with Garam Roti.

The Karahi meat is tender and seems like it was well marinated before cooking. The spices are consistently good and they will undoubtedly give you a pleasurable eating experience

This place does not have great sitting arrangements so you may consider taking your food at home.

  1. Ziafat:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Lahore - ZiafatIf you are fond of refining dining places then this restaurant is definitely for you.

They have a long list of items on their menu but you can try their Chicken Karahi before anything else.

The Karahi is made with the finest spices and gives off the aroma of enticing deliciousness. You can have the Chicken Karahi with Naan, Roti or Rice to enjoy the dish to its fullest.

Their food quality is good, the staff is friendly but you have to be a little patient after placing the orders because the waiters here are known to be a bit clumsy. Keeping aside this small drawback the place is worth visiting.