Best Chicken Karahi Places in Karachi

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Karachi

Chicken lovers are so humble at heart that you can please them quite easily with any kind of chicken dishes. Their faces will lit up with impish glee the moment they are offered crunchy fried chicken, Chicken Kebab, Chicken Karahi or Chicken Tikka because these are the only items that can certainly make their day celebratory!

If you ever land up in Karachi by any chance you must visit these 5 Best Chicken Karahi Places in the city that are renowned for their extravagant quality of food and services. No one in Karachi will serve you better than these food outlets for sure.

We hope you will be able to get the ultimate peace and happiness of mind while on your quest for finding the right Chicken Karahi restaurant in Karachi to taste the most heavenly chicken dishes in the town.

  1. Kolachi Restaurant:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Karachi - Kolachi RestaurantKolachi is one of the best restaurants in Karachi serving gratifying Chicken Karahi for many years in the town. This restaurant is set just next to the seaside so you can get the amazing view of waves breaking on the shore while dining here. They also serve fresh Chops, Cheese Naan and Chapli Kebab that are worth trying.

Their staffs are polite, friendly and extremely professional. If you are a tourist and visiting Karachi for the first time and this place is recommended for you.

  1. Afridi Inn Restaurant:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Karachi - Afridi Inn RestaurantAfridi Inn is serving their customers the best food for 20 years in the town and now has opened a branch in Clifton and Do Darya as well.

Their menu is lined-up with mouthwatering and irresistible dishes including Chicken Karahi, White Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Biriyani, Pulao and many more. You can also have their pink tea or Kahwa to treat yourself with a healthy drink in the evening.

Their visitors are seated on the Charpoys, the traditional bedsteads found in rural Pakistani areas mainly made of a wooden frame bordering a set of knotted ropes. The touch of the rural notion in their ambiance is outstanding!

  1. Sajjad Restaurant:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Karachi - Sajjad RestaurantSajjad restaurant is admired by the Karachi dwellers for their best buffet offerings alongside the beautiful ocean views. They also offer a covered dining hall area in case you want to have your food indoors.

You can relax while having their exquisite Chicken Karahi by the open belt of the seaside. This place is amazing during the winter but in summers the amount of humidity in the air can make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are a parent you will be pleased with this restaurant because it will definitely let you enjoy some leisure time with your partner as your kids here will be busy playing in the playing area specially designed for their amusement and fun.

  1. Meerath Kebab House:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Karachi - Meerath Kebab HouseThe Meerath Kebab house at Gurumandir is a great destination for chicken lovers. This restaurant is an absolute legend and is serving its customers with excellent food for many years in Karachi.

If you haven’t visited this place yet, then you must make an attempt to do so. Try their heavenly Chicken Karahi, Green Chicken Karahi, and White Chicken Karahi to soothe your taste buds. You may also try their famous Kebabs with Paratha.

  1. Al-Roshan Restaurant:

Best Chicken Karahi Places in Karachi - Al-Roshan RestaurantAl-Roshan restaurant offers great Pakistani Cuisines including Chicken Karahi. They serve decent quality Karahi with a perfect mix of spices and other Masala.

They also serve amazing Mutton Sajji and Katakat. The restaurant ambiance is pleasant. They also maintain a certain level of hygiene and cleanliness.

They have both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements for their visitors. Their staff may not be professional but are very courteous. They will provide you with all sorts of assistance with a broadening smile on their face.