Best Android Apps to Watch Movies Online 


Online streaming has become a way of life. And not just for millennials, everyone seems to love it. The movie channels on Spectrum Select package or any other plan by cable TV providers don’t seem to offer that convenience. We can stream our favorite titles any time and anywhere. We don’t have to essentially be glued to the TV screen to watch movies. All you need is a steady internet subscription, your gadget, and a nice streaming app/site. Happy binge-watching sessions!

If you are an Android user, the following are some of the best movies apps. Enjoy your favorite movies!

1. ShowBox

It is one of the most popular streaming sites. It is free and offers smooth navigation. ShowBox is one of the most talked streaming apps online. The main reason is its rich list of features without any cost. You don’t have to essentially subscribe and pay a monthly fee like you have to for Netflix. ShowBox HD indexes different torrent sites and clients to stream content. The app offers a massive amount of movies and TV shows. Here are a few highlights of the app:

  • No login account is required.
  • The best thing is that there are no annoying ads.
  • It supports multiple resolution options including HD.
  • You can filter movies by release year, genre, and rating.
  • Subtitles are available.
  • The downloading option is available.
  • The movies library has tons of titles. It is updated on a regular basis.

2. Bobby Movie Box

It is another nice app to watch TV shows and movies on your Android-powered gadget. You get to watch movies in HD quality. Following are some quick highlights of its features:

  • You can watch movies and shows in HD picture quality.
  • Browse to explore latest titles.
  • You can download movies and watch at your preferred time.
  • No annoying ads.
  • Chromecast is supported.
  • You can filter movies by release year, genre, and rating.
  • Subtitles are available.
  • No login or account required.

3. Sony Crackle

It is another option in free apps. It is a product of Sony Entertainment. It offers a huge number of movies from Sony Pictures. You can stream the movies without a subscription. However, the only downside if the app is the ads, which are there to support the application. Also, Sony Crackle boasts of its partnership with major production houses.  The movies can also be stored offline. You get to enjoy the trust of Sony and a massive range of movie titles.

Have a look at its features. It is definitely a must try:

  • Quick downloading.
  • Supports various resolution qualities including the HD quality.
  • It offers a free account with the option of data storage.
  • It offers simple navigation and friendly user-interface.
  • It has a huge collection of movies from Sony as well as other production houses.

4. Terrarium TV

This one is a little different than other streaming apps. Terrarium TV hosts TV series and movies on drives as well as various cloud services. When it comes to app interface, it is perhaps the best alternative to ShowBox. Running a VPN is an easy solution if you face any issues running this app. It offers a sleek UI and clutter-free interface. And that makes it one of the favorite streaming apps. Currently, it is catering to zillions of users across the globe. It boasts of having more than 10K shows and movies.

Check out the feature of Terrarium TV:

  • It offers a gigantic assortment of 4K movies.
  • Easy downloading options to external or internal storage.
  • It is supported on Chromecast, Fire Stick, and Fire TV.
  • Subtitles in many languages are available.
  • Bookmarking options for your favorite movies and shows.

5. Tubi TV

Available in Google Play Store, this app is free. This app is host to a good bunch of shows and movies. It’s difficult to find these titles elsewhere. Tubi TV has movies and shows for people from all generational groupings. You don’t need to subscribe to it. With its massive content, it has something for everyone. the content is from the genres of drama, comedy, anime, classics, and so on. You can even find rare British series, Korean dramas, and anime on the said app.

Check out the amazing features:

  • Xbox, Chromecast, Roku, and Smart TVs support it.
  • It is absolutely free of malware and any exploit scripts.
  • You can continue watching the show or movie where you left it and that too on any device.
  • It has legal content and it offers quick downloading.
  • It offers streaming in pristine picture quality.
  • It hosts tons of movie and show-titles.

With these amazing apps, all you need now is a subscription to one of the Spectrum bundles or any other internet package for that matter. Just make sure you choose the one with great speed to enjoy smooth streaming. Enjoy endless binge-watching sessions!

Guest Post Contributor: Alex Brian