All the Celebrities and Influencers Who Spoke Up Against Ukhano

All the Celebrities and Influencers Who Spoke Up Against Ukhano

As we all know, the internet is exploding with the Umer Khan controversy, amidst which several conflicts among people have begun. Ever since Ukhano or Umer Khan was publicly accused of sexual harassment by one, more girls have come forward to share their horrendous experience of being sexually assaulted, abused or harassed by him. From dirty snaps to being accused of rape, Ukhano has been accused of misconduct through the voice of social media.

In times like these with a matter serious as such, several celebrities and influencers came out to use their own social voice to support Ukhano. These include Moroo, Anoushay, and Eva Zu Beck, who have claimed that they’ve not only worked with Ukhano but have been good friends with him indicating he could not do such a thing. This however was not welcomed by several people online, and makes us think about who’s going to side with the victims? The victims were mostly given blunt, rude replies or told to stop doing such things for fame by several social media users, but there are a few celebrities and influencers who spoke up against Ukhano and this is what they all have to say:

  1. Komal Aziz Khan

Komal Aziz Khan is a Pakistani television actress who has worked in Ishq Benaam and Basaat-e-dil, and is a popular for her vocal confidence. Following the allegations placed against Ukhano, Komal Aziz Khan came out on social media and has this to say:

Her comment on Instagram called out Ukhano publicly when she personally tagged him, and made it clear she was NOT happy with the allegations circulating around. Her talk holds quite a lot of weight, to be honest, and her support for the victims gives them hope.

2. Zara Peerzada

Another celebrity who spoke up against Ukhano, is Zara Peerzada; an extremely successful model. She took the opportunity of this situation to weigh in over the issue:



Of course, what Zara says clearly holds a lot of truth to it. We never know what’s happening around us and we cannot often figure out who to believe. But with her statement, not did only Zara make it clear whose side she is on, but she also bashed down several so called “feminists” who refuse to take proper action when hit with a similar issue.

3. Shamoon Ismail

Shamoon Ismail is a Pakistani music artist, who publicly applauded women who came out to tell the truth for their courage in his tweet.

Shamoon Ismail makes it easier to believe that not all accusers are defamers, and his siding with women on the matter gives a clear depiction of what he believes in and that they are not alone.

4. Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo is a social media influencer who decided to give his two cents about the Ukhano allegations:

Irfan Junejo says that people should be serious with these allegations and that there must be some truth in them, especially if the allegations are being placed with piles of evidence now.

5. Shehzad Ghias Sheikh

A social media influencer, Shehzad Ghias Sheikh decided to clap back at all those people who were trying to bash the accusers and the victims by saying they were playing their women cards and using such allegations for earning fame.

After Irfan Junejo’s tweet was retweeted but with many negative comments, Shehzad Ghias Sheikh decided to put a stop to it with these words:

He was clearly disgusted by those people who had stated that the next time Irfan Junejo would be in trend, it’d be because of being the next accused. Shehzad speaks for all of us when he says that we shouldn’t support harassers. Shehzad even went on to sorrowfully depict the truth of anti-feminist movements in Pakistan, stating that these silencing calls for victims led them to believe that they’re not supported. He even said that because of such negative reactions against the victims, conspiracy theories have spread about most abuse victims faking the entire thing which has made many victims scared and ashamed of asking for help.

6. Sehar Shinwari

Sehar Shinwari works in a Pakistani television network, and has come forth to speak against Ukhano by confessing she was a victim of harassment too:

Sehar called Ukhano a bigot, and demanded that he should be accounted for his actions and made an example for all bigots.

More celebrities are slowly coming into light to call out Ukhano for his disgusting actions, including Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, who has shown her love and support for the victims of the alleged harasser and has demanded action be taken.

While the verdict has yet to be decided, we cannot deny that the issue of harassment, misconduct and inappropriate behavior is a rising concern for not only Pakistan but every other country too. It does not matter whether we know a person too well or have been with them for a long time, anyone can be a harasser, and anyone can hide themselves in a different face.

Moreover, not all victims are asking for fame, money or popularity, and no one can truly understand the pain of being harassed or abused except for a survivor. The situation with Ukhano’s allegations might not be clear right now, but it will eventually dissolve into the truth some time, which is why we need to think thoroughly before calling any body out. Speaking of, we’re extremely happy that not everyone-especially celebrities-decides to bash the victims for trying to speak out for themselves. The few celebrities and influencers who have declared their support for the victims and against Ukhano are proof that we are not alone, and that we should not be afraid to speak up about what we’ve been through.