Ahad Raza Mir Finally Speaks Up About ‘Ko Ko Korina’ in His Twitter Rant

Ahad Raza Mir Finally Speaks Up About 'Ko Ko Korina' in His Twitter Rant

The epic fued between Minister of Human rights Shireen Mizari and Momina Mustehsan started on twitter after a huge failed remake of Ko Ko Korina sung by Ahad Raza Mir and Momina for Coke Studio. Minister of Humam rights was quick to cal out the failed attempt to remake the song. However things got heated between Momina and Her on twitter.

While the country was busy roasting Momina and giving opinions about Mizari, Ahad Raza Mir stayed silent and waited for the right time for a rant. He didn’t fail to entertain us even! He took twitter to rant about the whole situation starting from the pleasantries by thanking everyone (Lol! Not really).

Keeping the details low key, Well we all know by now what you are going to rant about though!

Somehow making his own fun in the process on how bad of a singer he is (Well you shouldn’t have done it then?)

He even mentioned how the memes got really creative. you guys should’ve too (Pun intended)

He thanked Coke Studio for giving him a chance and Momina Mustehsan for working with a newbie in one of his tweets. He also appreciated HSY for appreciating their efforts out loud. This was not it Sajal Aly also got onboard and defended Ahad Raza Mir and asked her fans to stop with the hate. However this one last tweet was a major diss for Mizari.

Unlike Momina, Ahad was a bit more mature to tackle the situation as he took his time to comment and made a few good points before ending his rant. He sure has got some crisis management skills rights there!

Source: Daily Pakistan