7 Crowdfunding Tips: Quick and Easy Ways to Raise More Money

7 Crowdfunding Tips: Quick and Easy Ways to Raise More Money

Crowdfunding is a new way to get funds for small businesses, entrepreneurship projects, and other personal causes. It is a powerful tool that gathers a group of like-minded people to join together to support a cause and make it a success.

Crowdfunding isn’t all about collecting money but also about harnessing the power of common people to fulfill the dreams of other commoners in the society who would otherwise have periled due to lack of humane support.

Here we have got some of the best crowdfunding tips to help you walk on the right track to reach out to your donors and build a great relationship with them to make your campaign a huge hit just within a few days.

  1. Research vigorously:

Before launching your crowdfunding campaign it is important that you conduct vigorous research on this matter to find out the suitable platform for your cause. Your research should include knowledge of the following topics:

  • Read articles, blogs or watch tutorials to get more tips on crowdfunding
  • Learn from other successful campaigns in your platform and find out what they did right
  • Learn how to ask for donations
  • Learn the kind of emotive words/phrases or statements you should use in your fundraising story
  • Look for new ideas to make your campaign standout among others
  • Take a look at how to host a public event outdoor to support your online campaign
  1. Be specific about your cause:

Your donors have the right to know how you are planning to spend the collected funds and it is your duty to provide them with detailed information on this matter.

For example, you are fundraising for a poor patient’s open heart surgery. Now breakdown the cost and share this information with your donors to let them know how you are going to use their funds.

Due to this, the donors will be able to see that $2000 will be spent for the surgery, another $1000 will be spent on postoperative care and hospital bills and the last $500 will be needed to pay for medicines.

In this way, you can actually build a trustworthy relationship with your donors.

  1. Ask early:

The moment you launch your crowdfunding campaign you must start promoting it on social media platforms.

You cannot expect your donors to find out about your campaign automatically and feel compelled to make a donation.

You have to make an effort!

Your fundraising campaign will succeed if you use the social media sharing tools to promote your cause to your donors and explain to them the importance of your project.

  1. Reach out to the right donors:

Your fundraising campaign can only take off if you succeed in building a strong and supportive donor base consisting of the right people for donations.

At first, you must get to know your network well.

You will have to narrow down all your contacts to find the right ones who would step forward to make a contribution.

  1. Write compelling and emotional stories:

Every human being is a slave to their emotions and you would need to touch their feelings gently to awake the humble and kind side of their personality.

Write an emotional story to make your campaign stand out from your competitors.

Promote your stories on the Crowdfunding page, Facebook, tweeter, and Instagram.

You may use emails to send your fundraising stories to your known contacts and persuade them to make a valuable contribution.

  1. Share the progress of your campaign:

Your donors would need to trust you first in order to make any contribution to your project. The best way to impress your donors is to show them that you have already invested a lot of effort on this project and seriously want them to do the same.

Make sure you keep your crowdfunding page appealing by updating image, photos/ videos or very short stories to share the progress of your campaign with your donors.

People will surely value your transparent and honest efforts.

  1. Offer incentives if you can:

Both the donors and fundraisers can benefit from a campaign when there is give and take on both sides. Offering incentives is a great way to connect to your donors and encourage them to give more support to your cause making it a big hit.

It is important that you choose the right kinds of gifts for your donors which will actually entice them.

Often campaigns offer gifts like T-shirts, caps, and hats, handmade crafts, and free tickets to a show, concert, or game based on their types of fundraising cause.